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XP Coin : Everything About Experience Points

XP Coin is one of the most searched crypto coins nowadays, so we thought why not write an honest XP coin review for you guys. So if you have decided to know all about XP coin price, how to buy XP coin, XP coin news, XP coin Reddit, XP coin wallet or even XP coin predictions then you are at perfect place because today we are going to cover all about experience points coin.

Ever since with the rise of the blockchain, things have been a lot different than the usual. We tend to know a lot about blockchain and cryptos about which we had no knowledge a few years earlier. So, let us ask ourselves, what really changed? How did everything change? Almost everything did, and this is probably the reason why we should change too. And to turn us, it is very important to gain knowledge about concepts that we don’t know about. One such idea here is Experience Points or we can say XP coin. The whole topic of discussion that will make us know things better and dig into the concepts a lot deeper to find out the hidden truth about experience points coin.

XP Coin

What is XP coin? Know Better

Let us say it this way: what would you possibly do if you knew that it is possible to spend your entire life earning these experience points.

What would you do out of joy? Spare the fun for later.

Now, time to get to decide the fact that what are we going to do with these experience points?

Spend a reasonable amount, say +1000 XP on buying off groceries, shoot the buds on WhatsApp messaging app using 200 XP, or sit with your college sweetheart to dine in the favorite Mexican restaurant by putting in 1000 XP.

My friend, this is not some virtual reality where you get fact ruled over your favorite game. It is some kind of a reward system that will help in implementing the play out the best role of your life ever.

So, why not try for yourself?

The name is called experience points or often called as XP coin, and as we know, it is more like a mission that tells us to bring off all the XP from your screen and pop it up into your day to day life and routine. The project is primarily focused on building up the financial shares pretty high. This will take in account all aspects of life and will allow you to use the XP coin just the way you want. Adopt and accept will be the primary agenda for the XP coins and that is how it is going to help you through.

The best thing about the whole experience coin scenario is that, if there is any sort of an industry that is looking ahead to adopt the respective model of any project, then you are eligible to earn any kind of experience coin for the same.

Defining the “Working” of XP Coin or Experience Points Coin

If you are an online gamer and have cravings for the online gaming community, the XP coin points option is going to bring a lot of relevant opportunities for you. It is just a coin, an XP coin, that offers a lot of gaming communities and ecosystems to make your pick from. In there you can use these coins to buy off different games, make in-app purchases, and also make multiplayer transactions.

Isn’t that so cool?

XP Coin

However, there are certain downsides too, and for the team handling the entire experience coin thing, they are looking forward to superimposing the whole idea on a day to day transactions and the different sort of interactions made.

Therefore, the idea is, you get rewards, i.e., the consumers and community members get all sort of rewards on making successful interactions and transactions. Also, the additional advantage is the fact that users can use the XP Coins in different locations they want to participate and this will help them in gaining experience and put back the whole idea in the XP environment.

All about the XP Coin Pentanode System

So, to make security tighter and stronger and ensure the better integrity with different network systems Experience points are mainly employing a five-fold system as of now. Each and every node in the system will be capable of fulfilling some sort of function that will help them in earning strong experience points in future.


Experience node works under a model that is known as “proof of stake model.” It operates in the conventional mechanism. The whole process promises to make returns of approximately 50% on the different types of investments that are made using experience coins. However, the minimum requirement of at least 50 million experience points for this investment process for. The different modes that are capable of holding more than the amount received will go through a process of receiving returns that amounts to 2,800 experience points. This is what encourages more and more people to join the go and established different modes in order to support the network.


The minimum requirement for this node is one billion experience points. However, the stakes are really high in this case. It promises an annual return of approximately 200% which is a lot more than masternode. But the thing is, the whole 1 billion experience points will be completely burnt down if the setting up of the node is kept away from the operators. Also, with this, there is a security that only those investors will look forward to making an investment in the platform who are eagerly looking for the future.


This node is for everyone who cannot get hold of supernodes or masternodes. These nodes will be given off to all the retailers, the different shop owners, and the street vendors who are looking to adopt the functionality of experience points to make their payment in the future. The functionality will remain same as that of the masternodes, but there will be some words difficulty in the splitting of the state or selling them off.

xp coin

The idea is to use the different ways of staking rewards the different customers as per the requirement. The capping will be done at what 150% of the starting state ensure that all the various funds are appropriately redistributed.


They have a lot of similarity with the salesnode. However there is always a difference, and in this, the difference is in the online world. These nodes will be delivered to the developers who are looking to use it with the different online products. The stacking of the nodes cannot be done even in this case just like salesnodes. In this case, the operator will have no right authority to distribute the funds or have access to it. The different modes of distribution include distributing through XP coins or experience points. This will help in making circulation among different platforms. The whole idea is to pump up the developers to use more and more experience points and assist in accelerating the adoption of the experience coins all over the platform.


The main idea of this particular node is to connect the users making use of experience points with the physical world that they live in. The responsibility of this node will be to distribute all sorts of experience points to the individuals who are looking for the making of visits to different kinds of location, have different experiences, and visit monuments and search more attractions. All they need to do is scan up and show up their QR code to receive their experience points or XP Coins. With the help of this experience point, they can visit any favorite tourist places. The only requirement is they have to stay connected with the help of geonode.

A glimpse at some examples

The main thing that one needs to remember about the five nodes namely salesnodes, devnodes, and geonodes, is that they are used for purposes that are really very specific. All of it has a common aim, and that is to distribute and circulate the experience points for the ones who are in need of it. It is possible that these rewards are distributed to various other industries.

Coming up are some of the possible examples of the different nodes.

Salesnodes Use Case

Say Jack owns a pretty big restaurant which is called The Dining. Now, what is planning next is to implement a reward system. The idea is actually good because it will help the customers and earn experience points. So, if a customer purchase is around ten meals, they will be given a total of 5,000 XP coins. Now what we can do is, the next time they visit the dining, we can use the earned experience point to buy their next proper meal. Also, a referral program can also help in giving experience points to the customers who are coming every day.

Devnodes Use Case

Meera has built up her own application that is more like a messaging and language application that will help different users to invest their time in chat rooms that are offering multilingual options of learning different languages all at once. The idea is great as at once there is an opportunity to learn more than one line from different individuals. If one individual needs help in some other language, then they can ask for help from other individual and return of experience points. The whole thing is, and the idea is brilliant to XP coin points.

With the help of these use cases, the ideas of how they are going to help the investors in the coming future will broaden up. So, to make an investment in the area is definitely a good thing to do and the whole idea will be helping in not providing the experience of how to work with assets like this in a better manner.

Gaming Cryptos

If we talk of current gaming scenario, there has been a lot of rising in the present situation. The volume, price, and the currencies have made a sign of increasing as well. The significant growth in the current giving world has provided a lot of opportunities. Today the video games that we play is more of like an industry that entirely uses blockchain Technology to conduct the various process that we use, and this is super convenient. The video games are in need of an industry that helps them with lots of advantage and factors that will help in earning right amount of gaming credits.

The experience coins, in no time, will start to offer some sort of plugin with the help of which it will be straightforward for the game developers to implement experience points. The idea is very bright and innovative and will help in using the XP coins in a place where they actually turn out to be a benefit. For the current and very recent announcement that experience coin is about to make, the new and innovative aspects will help in creating an accomplishment that will turn the tables around. The project is doing everything that it can to launch the reward system very successfully all over the world. However, the first version of it will be released as a beta version. The challenge is very innovative for the development team, and the core component of the whole idea is sure going to take the levels of XP coins very high.

All about XP coin price, XP Coin Reddit, exchange

NameExperience Points
Market Capitalization$24.41 million
Coin or TokenCoin
Proof TypePoW/PoS
Genesis Date7/21/2017
Number of Exchanges7
BitcoinTalk DiscussionClick here
GithubClick Here
XP Coin Redditr/thebigxp
Telegram GroupClick here
Discord GroupClick Here

Now let’s see some of the most commonly asked questions-

How to buy XP Coin?

As we all know buying crypto coins is not that much easy as donuts! First, you have to buy some coins which are accepted by the government with US dollars like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Latecoin (you can use coinbase for that), then you can use your bitcoins or ethereum to buy other coins like XP coins with the help of some XP coin exchange services like Binance etc.

Where can I get XP Coin Wallet?

xp coin

It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is just download XP coin wallet software from its official website. With the help of XP coin Wallet, you can store your coins safely. By the way, I can suggest you buy one hardware wallet to store your coins with an extreme safety like Trezor wallet etc but if you don’t wanna spend money on buying hardware wallet then you can use mobile wallets to store your coins like Coinomi or Jaxx.

XP Coin Predictions (according to us)

According to our XP coin price prediction, it is a good option to go with if you are looking for a long-term investment like one year or more. If I am supposed to give you an approx idea of numbers then I can say that if you invest 100$ in XP Coins today then most probably you can get 900$ by 2023 (again it’s our predicts invest on your own risks).

XP Coin exchanges

XP Coin


Presently, there are many giants out there looking to establish themselves in the market.

But, how do we know what excels and what doesn’t, right?

Experience coins are coming across a growth that is sure to make a positive impact in the crypto world. The whole idea of implementing a new game or an area that brings such massive advantages. The set of concepts that the platform will use is based entirely on the type of merging that happens between the blockchain world and the real world that consists of the open-ended reward system that will help in taking the approach of the currencies to entirely different areas of accomplishment.

Now, it entirely depends on you on the type of investment you are looking to make and the different goals that you want to achieve these XP coins. The experience coin and experience point is a very bright idea to help everyone out from the ideology of blockchain.

The world of blockchain is quickly going up every day, and with that, the options are coming up to be endless too.

So, now, it entirely depends on us for the amount of time we want to put in.

You can follow XP coin Reddit directly from here.

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