TIDEX Review

Tidex Exchange 2018: An Honest Review

Tidex has been recently on the hit for being as one of the leading options for trading any sort of crypto as per your wish and requirement online. It is available on tidex.com and is most of the times preferred because of the reason that it needs very fewer fees when it comes to that. For makers and takers, it is a perfectly good platform for making any sort of exchange. So, here on BlockcainBiome we are going to share a complete in detail Tidex review of the platform that will help you in knowing the platform better.

What is Tidex?

Tidex, as mentioned, is a crypto exchange platform that allows one and all who is a part of the platform to buy, do the selling, make margins of the trading in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Tidex Review


So, if you are looking for getting your application tokens traded in the open market, then the tidex exchange is the place where you can get the customization done. Alternatively, this platform is also known as appcoins. The layout of the platform is very organized and is set up in a completely blissful manner. The platform contains all the details and information regarding the coins. The pricing of the tidex coins, what is the present worth in the market, and what are the different ways with the help of which people can trade their coins in the market is all available in the platform. The tidex coins can be traded off for Bitcoins, they can also be traded for the several other digital currencies that are available. This will also provide an easier time for the people to get their coins online.

Tidex Fees & Tokens

Tidex Review

Talking about the Tidex (click here to go to Tidex Official site) fees, the platform makes sure to offer the least fees for the ones who are willing to take it and the one for willing to make it. As per the current scenario, in the month of January, the total processing of Tidex is somewhere across 35 million dollars according to the daily transaction that it is about to make. This will put it amongst the top 40 cryptocurrency exchanges that will provide the trading volume for the coming 24 hours. Different pairs like Bitcoin and Ethereum will be the ones that will be stealing the show. Another benefit that will come along is that the platform will offer tokens based on WAVES. The total number of currencies that are available on the platform to make exchanges corresponds to around 70. This is a very good option if you ask me about the tidex exchange.

Currently, Tidex is situated in the UK which serves as its headquarter as well. But, talking of the present situation, it has successfully established itself in various parts of the world that includes San Francisco and Russia.

Glance on the working of Tidex Exchange

The working of the tidex exchange platform is pretty simple and is very easy. It works and functions in a manner that everyone can extract the benefit out of it. As for the protocols of the platform, it will allow the person to get their very own custom token with the help of which the appcoin gets particularly listed off on the website.

Also, in order for the tidex coin to facilitate in a proper manner, a transaction of that sort is listed already on the website that makes sure to bring the coin into active mode. Apart from that, the listing fee will stay single and it will be paid off as well.

The functioning of the Tidex exchange platform is as follows.

It, first off, all tries to start the whole process of trading over the site in a manner that the coins get particularly listed off on the website. Furthermore, there will be more of market tools for analysis that will help in reviewing the sites to find out how these transactions are actually going. With the help of this, whatever is on the website gets easily reviewed in the given amount of time and along with that, provides an organization that is quite convenient and easy for us to follow and works on.

Tidex Review

The various fees that the platform has to offer are quite convenient depending on the different structure of the high rated fees these days. For the making process that happens along in the market, there is no extra charge that one has to pay and the charges remain more or less same. The total taker activities that follow up include the fee i.e. 0.1% used up by the takers in the whole process. This whole thing is done just to ensure that there is a heavy growth in the market and it will be completely easy for the people to look out for the coins that are worth the investment. The acquiring coins will be used up in the future to offer the advantages.

Listing the Positives and Negatives of Tidex Exchange!

One of the primary and positive protocols that the Tidex exchange system offers is regarding the working of the program and how it works. The whole idea is to build up an interface that is extremely good for people and makes it easy for people to review in the working market.

It consists of the different ways that help in the analysis of the various appcoins and the different ways in which it can be traded off to other currencies running off in the trading market. These currencies include a bunch of other currencies that are digital and trying to make their position intact in the world.

The various details on the tidex platform are updated on a daily basis so that all the daily updates about trading happened in the vein that runs are involved in the matter of and make sure that the investments are made in a proper manner.

Talking about the reports that are coming out from the program, it is not as easy as it sounds and following them never gets easier. There is no entailing as of now and as far as the results are concerned, it can turn out to be far more complicated than it is.

Negatives of Tidex Exchange!

At this point recently, it is quite a difficult task to find out whether or not the Tidex tokens for the platform will be available for making any sort of trading in the coming future. As of now, more than fifty of them are available to take over the writing options. For the current situation is concerned, there is a positive growth on the site to receive more and more members to tag along with them so that proper transactions are made and handled the easier access of people.

Also, it is looked after that it becomes quite easy for people to afford it as well. However, according to the repercussions, it is very difficult to find and predict what is about to come in the future and what really future has in store.

Not only that, there have been other issues involved as well. It has become quite difficult to analyze and find out whether or not there will be any sort of changes in the present market. We already know the fact and are quite aware of it that the present market is changing every day. So, it will really be an interesting deal to find out what the market has to offer in order to sell and buy different loads of work. The different platforms that come under tidex have made it completely easier for these things to be analyzed in a manner like never before. However, things can be little difficult when it comes to offering convenience to the people as they might have a tough time to find out whether or not the options are feasible enough for them.

Features of the Tidex Platform

The abundant features that the platform has to offer are as follows.


The first one talks about functionality where the Tedex platform makes complete use of a trading platform that is based on the web. It is very easy to utilize and is even easier to use. The different interface for the users is ready to offer a list of options that will provide a wide range of opportunities and functions for one to choose from. Apart from the options that include features like order book, a different process of trading history, charts that are quite responsive and offer different varieties of time frame and options of designs photos from with a wide range of different analysis indicators.

Customer Support

When it comes to supporting the customer, the platform leaves no stone unturned to offer what they need at the west and their worst. The support team of the platform is ready to go solve any sort of issues and deal with them for every second. There are options with the help of which the users have the feasibility to make contact with the members of the team whenever they want. All they are required to do is, open a ticket that is easily available in the support section. Apart from that, the Tidex team keeps itself completely available on Twitter and can be contacted through their Twitter accounts whenever required. Other social media on which the platform can be easily approached includes telegram and Facebook.

If you are thinking that is it, then you are totally wrong. The customer support is even more huge. There is a separate section for frequently asked questions which can be easily available from the support section and it hold the responsibility to take care of the most wanted issues amongst the customers and the ones they have to deal with on a daily basis. Also, the present guide available on various topics also helps the people are there to solve their issues and to go through the platform in an easier way.

Trading Options

When it comes to trading platforms and options, Tidex has a lot to offer. The website has a lot to offer when it comes to offering trading options and that too variety of them. There are plenty of good range options available for trading that one can be a part of. The different users have always the support that they need of the market to take care of the current limits and the different orders that they have to take care of the different marketing and margin trading option offer a very simple structure for maintaining their fees that is 0.1% of the total amount that the makers and the takers are looking for.


The platform offers the users a platform that helps them in making for use of application index to carry out the exchanges happening in the cross-platform. Everything can be easily accessible using a desktop or mobile phone. With the help of these feasible options, easy to settle down and perform any sort of transactions that the users are looking to make.

This goes the best file handling the accounts or tracking them down. Also, the advantage is the fact about convenience that can be accessed even during traveling.

In short about Tidex

CountryUs, Russia
Fiat DepositNone
Accepted Payment MethodsBTC
Margin TradingNo
FacebookClick Here
TelegramClick Here
TwitterClick Here


Overall, the tidex platform has a lot to offer than the usual day to day option.

It is a very easy and straight process to get your account built up on the platform and that too without any worries. It offers one of the most fascinating platforms for making any sort of exchanges.

This happens in the trading volume and that too within 24 hours, which is just an add-on. The whole exchange platform is based in the United States and mostly functions to offer pairs in WAVES which is super awesome.

Being a part of the platform is a total win-win situation and thus, opting for this platform can be a winning situation for you too if you are looking forward to making investments in the trading world.

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And if you still have any queries related to Tidex exchange then let me know in the comments below, I’ll try my level best to help you out asap. You can also read more discussion on Tedex Reddit.

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