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THEKEY Coin (TKY), which you can easily discover at is more than just a decentralized ecosystem that aims at providing a verification tool by taking full support from big data as well as blockchain technology. Today we are going to share all you need to know about THEKEY coin or THEKEY ICO.

THEKEY is more like an instrument that can be used for the verification of any identity. The whole project looks forward to presenting an instrument or a verification framework that is totally based on the blockchain. To do so, it looks forward to using identifiable information that can be used only if it is approved by the specialist belonging in the government.

The idea is to take out the information and data that is personal out from the government and place the same information on the blockchain technology. Also, everything on the platform is quite taken care of and is it ensured that no data that is posted up on the blockchain is neither edited nor altered in any case. All the data and information come straight from sources that are verified by the government.


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Digging In Deep!

What is THEKEY Coin or TKY?



THEKEY, as of now is very busy running thousands of projects based on testing across China. The company that holds full responsibility behind THEKEY was initially formed up in the year 2014. As per the current situation is concerned, they have successfully collected the information and personal data of over 200 million people in a total of 66 cities.

As amazing as the whole thing sounds, it is and getting control over the data of so many people is surely a big thing to do. This shows the potential that the blockchain technology carries along with itself.

This is probably the primary reason why THEKEY or TKY coin has gone off to schedule its very own initial coin offering. The plan is to use the initial coin offering for selling of TKY tokens that will help in raising the funds and will also help in migrating the whole thing to the blockchain platform for once and all.

The THEKEY ICO is about to take place in the coming months and is likely to happen in the month of October and will continue till December. However, the general initial coin offering for the platform is scheduled in the month of February and is over by now.

Benefits of the THEKEY Platform

The THEKEY platform aims at offerings lots of advantages and this is one of the core reason why it is turning out to be a competition. Some of the major benefits of THEKEY platform includes.

Reliable Results

When it comes to offering results that are reliable, THEKEY turns out to be the master of it. The whole thing is supported and the data that is supporting the whole thing in real time is not only comprehensive but also accurate and helps in providing the options in a reliable manner. The data are properly looked after before taking into account the consideration about the validation. The government agencies of the various public Institutions make sure to validate all the data that is coming around sure there is no kind of fraud activities that can hamper the life of the people.

Cheap Price

When it comes to offering advantages in data and related options, THEKEY makes very sure that the whole thing is looked after pretty well and hence it takes full advantage of the data resources that are currently existing in the files. Surely been that there is no duplicity and hence it is very easy to avoid any kind of duplicate work that will lead to the false collection of data. It also helps in avoiding anything related to frauds by processing and authenticating the data that is offered in front of it.

Also, the added advantage is that the whole data collection process involves no hassle for one to go through and is completely beyond the involvement of any sort of extra and unnecessary step of data collection that one has to go through.

Better Experience for TKY Users

In order to upload any sort of information, users will not have to install any sort of applications for the process. The whole thing is completely easy and hassle-free. All of it aims at providing the best User experience to everyone who is associated with the platform THEKEY.

A Glance at the THEKEY Features

THEKEY platform in providing opportunities that help any company to use the identity verification services in a form of social insurance payment system in around the various cities.

The use of the TKY system will help people to receive payments in the form of pension. This can also turn out to be a Healthcare insurance reimbursement plan that will be offered to the people only after their identity is totally verified.

Presently, THEKEY platform has achieved a lot more than what it had a few years back. Today, it is an immensely powerful working platform that helps provide benefits to the people. However, the whole thing is not associated with blockchain and it is not based on a distributed ledger as of now. The initial coin offering is one of the ways of turning it into a Blockchain Technology for the longest period of the time.

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Some of the primary teachers of the platform that have been put forward so far include:

  • A total of 23 copyright have been gathered so far and the numbers are about the increase in the coming future. Out of the 23 copyrights, a total of 15 patents are successfully accepted by the SIPOState Intellectual Property Office in China.
  • The whole THEKEY platform involves a total of three parties that includes: validators who are the ones looking after the whole processes for the verification of one’s identity in the coming time. Also, they are responsible to get the results pertaining to the same. Next are the service providers who are the ones responsible to initiate the requests related to IDV in the coming time. Finally, comes the Users who are going to be a part of the whole process.
  • As of now, the first generation has already look dark to take the IDV solution that will help in preparing the mobile insurance payments and take care of the healthcare reimbursement in the coming time along with the pension payments that one has to worry about.
  • This is probably having into cities that are based in China. Talking about the next steps, that will help in deploying THEKEY platform in over 41 more cities and is bound to cover more than 130 million people.
  • The platform is also known to hold off the personal data and identity of over 200 million people in more than 66 cities. The whole thing is properly authenticated by the government officials and they are connected with one another with the help of a real-time protocol.
  • Talking of this, it is known for being the unique solution for THEKEY that will help in making connections to the data resources of the government directly without any issues and barriers popping in between.
  • Presently, there have been tons of contracts that are commercial and are properly signed off by the different firms and high-grade businesses. The whole thing is properly looked after by them before controlling the options. The whole thing is in respect to THEKEY platform.
  • Overall, a total of six national labs have been put up altogether to look at the better chances of development coming all along. The primary motive behind all of this was to take care of it by the different agencies of the government as well as banks. The several other insurance companies also are looking forward to providing a leverage to the platform THEKEY Coin in the coming time.

THEKEY Token Sale

As mentioned earlier already, the pre-ICO and THEKEY ICO of the platform along with its corresponding dates. The whole TKY ICO and pre-ICO is sure to provide an exposure of a lifetime and during the whole time, the platform will be accepting Ethereum, Bitcoin, and NEO to conduct its payment process in the THEKEY token sale.

There will be a lot of bonuses that will be available up for grab. However, the THEKEY pre-ICO will be using only 50% of the total amount in the meantime. The total TKY token supplies during the token sale are amounting to somewhere around 10 Billion and it is not a small amount at all. For the seed funding, there have been various raises as well. So far, the THEKEY platform has successfully raised 10 billion RMB and is ready for contributing the same. Also, an additional amount of $25 million is set up straight to take into account the whole process along with the timeline.


The THEKEY Coin platform consists of mixed supervisors looking forward to building up a straight connection with the people. The team is led by Catherine and a bunch of professionals. She has been one of the first people who was chosen as the Outstanding Women Entrepreneur in China for the year 2017.

Under her invigilation, THEKEY was also chosen as one of the most commercial projects for the year 2017.

THEKEY currently has its headquarters based in Singapore.

TKY: Look-In

Digital Identification has turned out to be one of the biggest facets of lives in the current century. The current growth figure of the industry amounts to provide an IDV which will end up in providing a total of 14 billion market value in the whole time. There will be various high-end technologies that will help in providing the best to the people and serving them whatever they need and, in the manner, they need it.

Technologies like fingerprint scan and face recognition have made things a lot easier. The concepts have made life easier for the most of us now. In our day to day lives, it is very important for us to verify our identity in a peaceful manner.

The identity verification plays a major role in many parts like during making payments, taking up trains or flights, and many such other options. Verification of our identity becomes a requirement in all these cases. However, everything comes with a pro and con and so does these high-end technologies. There have been several breaching as of now and this is because of the high cost and theft that happens most of the times.

The threat that we currently face is not going to save the platform from anything but will end up putting it into more and more risk in the coming time. Talking of getting rid of something like this sounds a little difficult as it is almost impossible to build something that offers perfect security and bulletproof idea for holding up technology growth in the coming time. It needs a lot of labour and a lot of money to conduct the whole thing in a proper and effective manner, which as of now is a little difficult thing to pay attention to.

The second generation, THEKEY is an onchain system that aims at solving issues related to the verification of identity in the coming time. The whole thing is taken care of by the Chinese government and it will be a pretty good deal to watch how and what will be the options coming to us in the near future.

THEKEY Review Conclusion

The whole THEKEY platform involves a total of three parties that includes: validators who are the ones looking after the whole processes for the verification of one’s identity in the coming time. Also, they are responsible to get the results pertaining to the same. Next are the service providers who are the ones responsible to initiate the requests related to IDV in the coming time. Finally, comes the Users who are going to be a part of the whole process.

The TKY project aims at putting its best effort in bringing an Identification verification tool that will be prospering in the blockchain technology in the coming time. The tool is completely available for one to use if they want to. The primary thing to take a note of here is, this is not really built on blockchain and this is what can turn the tables totally around.  So, watch out for the adventure.

If you like this THEKEY review then don’t forget to share it with your crypto circle and if you still have any doubts regarding TKY coin then let us know in the comments below, we’ll try to help you as soon as possible.

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