How to Sell Bitcoins for Paypal

How to Sell Bitcoins for Paypal: Step by Step Guide

Do you wanna know how to convert bitcoin to PayPal? Today here at BlockchainBiome we are going to share a step by step guide to sell bitcoins for PayPal instantly.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which one holds electronically and can be sent to others without the aid of intermediaries. The transactions are secured through cryptography and stored in a ledger known as a blockchain.

Purchasing bitcoins is an easy task but selling them is some more complex. It’s not very smooth to convert bitcoin to PayPal funds. So, people often hesitate when it comes to purchasing bitcoins.  But, if you are looking for an easy way to sell your bitcoins or cash out bitcoins to paypal then you should definitely read further.

With Paypal, you can easily sell your bitcoins and receive the funds in USD. Below are some of the most trusted and tested platforms that can be used nowadays:


How to Sell Bitcoins for Paypal?

Use these exchanges to sell your Bitcoins for Paypal money.



Coinbase enables you to sell your bitcoins directly into your Coinbase wallet. Crypto markets being open anytime, you can sell them whenever you want. The facility is available only in selected regions and if your region is one of them, you can see an option to connect your Paypal account to your Coinbase account.

A Coinbase customer in Canada, Australia, or Singapore can only buy crypto but not sell it as of now.

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Selling your crypto in Coinbase takes tiny effort. Someone who holds crypto on Coinbase should visit the selling page, enter the amount needed to be sold and confirm. When you initiate a withdrawal, after selling your bitcoin to your bank account, a short term holding is placed.

After the process is finished the amount of your bitcoin can easily be transferred to Paypal account from which the funds can be withdrawn directly. No limit is imposed on the amount that you can sell to your wallet.

Following are the steps that should be followed to link your Paypal account to your Coinbase account:

  • Visit the website.
  • Make an account and complete the identity verification process.
  • Go to the settings, click on Linked Account and then click on the link an account.
  • Select Coinbase connect with your Paypal account.

For each withdrawal, you need to pay a selling fee of 3.75%. Always keep in the mind the taxes and the risks involved when selling your bitcoin.

Follow these steps to sell bitcoin to PayPal:

  1. Transfer the bitcoins that are to be sold to your Coinbase account.
  2. Select ‘Buy/Sell Bitcoins’ and then select sell bitcoins.
  3. Decide the number of bitcoins you want to convert to USD and select PayPal as the payout method.
  4. Click on sell bitcoins.

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Send Bitcoin to PayPal with BitPanda


Bitpanda is a European company and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria and was founded in 2014. Now, they are one of the leading retail brokers for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more.

Bitpanda provides an easy and convenient method to sell bitcoin for PayPal easily and withdraw them directly to your PayPal USD. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to access the world of digital assets as well as for cryptocurrencies.

As of now, Bitpanda does not allow you to buy bitcoins with Paypal but it does allow you to sell them and get the funds easily in your PayPal account. The process was started on October 16th 2015, as stated on Reddit and the method is pretty simple.

To withdraw bitcoin to PayPal follow these steps:

  • Signup to Bitpanda
  • Click on “Sell” and then select Paypal from the options available.
  • When the bitcoins are sent to Bitpanda you will be sent a payment via PayPal.

Buying cryptocurrencies and digital assets through Bitpanda is a matter of minutes and can be done anytime. The transactions and wallets are fully secured. So, your bitcoins are totally safe with them.

The use of API- applications, high-end servers and a fully automated order system makes Bitpanda a great choice. You can choose between multiple payment options such as credit card, NETELLER, Sofort, Sepa, Amazon and many more.

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Using Bitpanda you can send and receive digital assets from other Bitpanda users easily and in no time. The best part is the entire process is free of charge. You are also able to create price alerts for Bitcoin, Litecoin, gold and other supported digital assets as you want. You will be notified via an email one the price falls or rises above the point that you mentioned.

They also provide with great customer support which is really fast and available all the time. They care for their customers and help them out whenever in need. 

Use Virwox to Cash out your Bitcoin to PayPal


If you want to purchase bitcoins in the easiest possible way then Virwox is the way to go. It is also one of the most popular ways to purchase bitcoins with PayPal. Virwox strengthed its position as the leading independent exchange for trading.

Following are the steps that are needed to be followed to convert your bitcoins into PayPal funds:

  1. Create a Virwox account – In order to get started, you need to create a Virwox account.
  2. Fill out the personal details – Fill your username and email address and then click on “Register”. You can leave the avatar name without changing it.
  3. Activate your account – You will get a confirmation e-mail from Virwox (if you are not being able to find it then it must be in the spam folder). Click the confirmation link in the mail.
  4. Change your password – After you have confirmed the e-mail address then you must change your password. Note that it is very important to change your password as you will be dealing with funds through this account.
  5. Get a Bitcoin address – You should now move your bitcoins into your Virwox account so that you can convert them into USD. On the left side of the page click on “Deposit”. Scroll down to your bitcoin section and get the virwox bitcoin address.
  6. Transfer the bitcoins into Virwox – You will need to move your bitcoins into your Virwox account using the newly obtained bitcoin address.
  7. Convert your bitcoins into SLL – In no time your bitcoins will be in your Virwox account. The entire process takes around an hour and you will get an e-mail notification when the fund arrives. As soon as they have arrived you can go to your BTC/SLL exchange and sell your bitcoins for SLL.
  8. Convert your SLL to USD – Now go to SLL/USD exchange and sell your SLL for USD.
  9. Withdraw your USD to your Paypal account – As soon as you have converted your bitcoins into USD you can now withdraw them to your PayPal account. Select the “Withdraw” link on the left side of the menu and enter your PayPal address.

This way you can deposit bitcoin to PayPal account.

Send Bitcoin Wallet to PayPal with ChangeX


ChangeX is one of the most popular and trusted cryptocurrency exchange medium. You can easily sell your bitcoins in changeX and receive the corresponding funds into your account in no time.

Following are the steps to put bitcoin into PayPal account:

  • Visit the ChangeX website.
  • Select register and then create an account.
  • Under “Exchange from” select BTC and select Paypal under “Exchange to” section.
  • Fill your Paypal e-mail address and select exchange.
  • Select Convert and then you will get your Bitcoin deposit address.
  • Do the deposit and in some time you will receive funds directly into your PayPal account.

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You can convert bitcoin worth up to $800 in one go. Though the amount is not very high but it works smoothly.



With Localbiotcoins you can find the right seller for bitcoins and you can even sell your bitcoins to the right buyer. Below are the steps to sell your bitcoins in Localbitcoins and receive the funds in the form of PayPal cash.

  • Go to the Localbitcoins website.
  • Select Quick sell.
  • Then select your currency and your country and PayPal as the payment option.

A column will be shown consisting of the names of the sellers, their successful transactions as well as their reputation. The other factor is the price and limits. Some sellers offer high selling limits while others offer low selling limits.

Go through the terms and conditions of the trade carefully and do not miss anything. And if you can comply with them then you should definitely go ahead. You can also click on the price to get more info about the ongoing offers.



With Paxful you get to sell your bitcoins at the best market price and it works flawlessly. You can easily purchase bitcoins by transferring funds from your bank account to a reliable bitcoin vendor on Paxful.

On Paxful there are a number of payment methods such as Paypal, Okpal and other major wallets. Once the vendor receives the funds and the purchase is made the bitcoin is yours. You can also purchase gift cards on Paxful and can easily exchange them later on for bitcoins.

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The process of purchasing BTC is made a whole lot simpler using Paypal. Pay with PayPal and you can have your bitcoin in your Paxful wallet in less than an hour.

With Paxful you can create your own offer to sell your bitcoin in PayPal balance or you can scroll through the various offers made by the vendors and can take one up which is suitable.

To sell bitcoin for PayPal instantly through Paxful follow these steps:

  • Visit the Paxful website.
  • Log in with your existing account.
  • Under the Buy Bitcoin section select “SELL BITCOIN”. Enter the amount to be sold.
  • Select your currency and then select Paypal.
  • Click on the search button.
  • You will be shown all the available offers from the buyers. Find the offer suitable for you.
  • You will receive the funds directly into your PayPal account.

If you are a vendor at paxful you can set your rates and decide their margins. Select the offer that suits that is most suitable to you and create offers that have the best chance of being converted.

You can easily buy bitcoin using cash and no bank account is required in the process. The vendor of the bitcoin will guide you through the payment process and once they receive the funds in their bank accounts the bitcoin is instantly sent to you.

You can also make the payment via credit and debit cards with ease. Apart from bitcoins, you can also trade in other digital currencies without any problem. All you need to do is to just sign up and make the payment.

You can also live chat with some of the most experienced vendors in the market and they will guide you through the entire process so that you can reach the right seller.

Paxful does not compromise with the security of the transactions and therefore is one of the best media to sell your bitcoins. If you are a buyer you are 100% protected. They verify and check all the sellers for your safety.

They also have a feedback and reputation system on the advice of the very best traders in the space. With Paxful you can even earn passive income. They even have an affiliate program which helps you to earn bitcoin by driving traffic to your affiliate link. 



CEX.IO is a place for everyone who wants to buy or sell their bitcoins in the easiest possible way. You can easily depose your funds via Visa/Mastercard or bank transfer. You always get to sell/buy bitcoins at a very fair price.

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For buying/selling, CEX.IO charges 7% of the amount traded in fiat currency. The exchange rates on CEX.IO is based on the existing market activity. When traders buy and sell bitcoins the exchange rate fluctuates.

Wrapping up: Bitcoin to PayPal Exchanges

Thus the best way to sell your bitcoins is to use one of the above-mentioned platforms and get the funds in your Paypal account in the availed currency.

As bitcoin is popularizing day by day many more high-end services will soon arrive in the market. To know about them really quick stay tuned.

And, if you still have any issues regarding bitcoin to PayPal exchanges then do let us know in the comments below, we’ll try to help you out as soon as possible.

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