Novoexchange Review

Nova Exchange Review: Leading Bitcoin Exchange

Nova Exchange is not just a crypto exchange that aims at changing the crypto game; it is a lot more than that. The crypto exchange was launched in the year 2016, and since then, the advantages it has offered are just endless. Here at Blockchainbiome, we are sharing everything that you might want to know about this Sweden based crypto exchange platform – Nova Exchange.

What is Nova exchange?

(More than just the definition)

As of now, the fact that Nova exchange is based in Swedish and a crypto from there is quite evident. It allowed the exchange of crypto and aimed at offering the three very basic form of currencies that were used to make, and they are called – Bitcoin, LTC, and ARI. All of it was launched in the year 2016.


Talking of the present times, things have changed entirely now and so has the crypto world. They have a lot more to offer now than they had initially. The whole thing is now growing and is very vast. From the number of different currencies that these exchanges have to offer, the process of making withdrawals pretty quick and deposits a lot faster have continued to grow up too. Not only that, the user base has grown up as well.

Nova exchange is primarily known for its platform and is very best known for offering an exchange platform where it is effortless to trade coins. Something like this is complicated to find anywhere else. While writing, one of the popular follows up the pair that allows the process of trading can be counted off in the following: ATCC/BTC, along with that BTC and BDL. There have been several resurrections that will go along in the past as well.

Speaking of the previous week, Nova exchange made a right spot and joined the headlines for putting up all its help and support in Ethereum. Earlier, that is a few times back, most of the Nova exchange was traded off in pairs and with BTC as well. However, the token in support corresponds to the development.

Also, talking of all that, let’s speak of the figures corresponding to the business as well. If you wish, you can go ahead and pay a minimum fee of 1 BTC to make sure that your digital coin is listed in the platform exchange. Nonetheless, that will not be all, and there will be a proper and tight scan on the coins for any sort of virus or malware. Apart from that, it will also look for any kind of interruption that may disrupt the whole exchange process.

Only after proper scrutiny and invigilation, the coin will be listed off for the purpose of making any sort of trade.

A Glance at the Nova exchange Features!

Some of the things that might make you up and look for the platform are listed below. Some of the advertisements that it makes are:

1. The whole platform is very functional and is based in Sweden for operating purpose.

2. Allows to make any sort of deposits or withdrawals in no time and very quickly.

3. Gives you the chance to trade any sort of coins that are not listed off anywhere else.

4. Offers the privilege to make a trade of the old coins (which also includes the resurrected dead coins) that are very difficult to find nowadays.

5. Will offer the opportunity to make and start off trading within a fraction of seconds.

6. Has got the back of one of the most active developer when it comes to obtaining frequent updates related to the platform.

7. Every wallet is linked up with the platform so that the add nodes are under control and are adequately looked after in a whole fashion.

8. Like gambling? Then use your skills to gamble off the coins you have to make more and more earnings. This includes dice game as well.

9. Privilege to make the listing of your coin by paying a minimum fee of 1 BTC overall.

The primary benefit that the nova exchange platform has to offer is the trading opportunities that it brings forward which is, nowadays, complicated to find anywhere else.

When it comes to taking a coin in the list and putting it out of the list, it does the listing and delisting quite quickly and in a feasible manner. For instance, the delisting of ACPR was made by Nova exchange. The other coins that were delisted off as well include Bitcoinfast, Dinocoin, and all sorts of Kingcoin among the various other option that comes forward.

Speaking of listing and delisting, the nova exchange makes sure to delist any sort of coins only when there is no sort of connection with the wallet. This happens when the last block was made a couple of months back.

Advantages of Nova exchange

The list of advantages that nova exchange has to offer includes:

Alternative Coins

One of the primary reasons behind the selling of nova exchange is the fact that it is loaded with tons of coins. So, when it comes to investment, there might not be a lot to offer. In such cases, they are exotic. It is essential to get your research done before you are looking forward to buying one because that idea would help in making benefits.

However, sadly, some of the options are not openly available to choose from.

Competition in Fees

When it comes to trading fees, a total of 0.20% trading fee is quite conveniently taken off when the exchanges are made in the inline industry following the current state of the business. This sure needs an excellent impression when it comes to the Exotic assets. Talking about the fees, there are plenty and thousands of companies that are looking forward to offering their trading protocols at a higher rate. So, according to nova exchange, when there is account over 0.25%, it is not considered as that good.

Base Currency

Any sort of trading that is done on the Nova exchange platform is not done using the US dollars any sort of dollars as that matter of fact. The different kind of trading on the platform is done using cryptocurrencies only. Some of the options in the list are as follows: Bitcoin or BTC, Litecoin or LTC, Esper or ESP2, Dogecoin or DOCE, Piggycoin or PIGGY, Kibicoin or KIC, Mooncoin or MOON.

The Nova exchange Registration, login, and Verification

While you are done setting up an account with Nova exchange or simply nova exchange signup process, to make a deposit of any sort of funds directly into your wallet is totally easy and very convenient. Also, the whole process is entirely free. All that is required of you is to give your login, then hit your password followed by your email id. Further, the requirement is to activate your account and then look for verifying your email complete the novaexchange registration process.

After your account is successfully activated, you will have the feasibility to make a deposit of any sort of funds directly from your wallet. The funds can be transferred directly into your wallet, and all you have to look for now is, starting your trading experience. There will be a list of available crypto from where you can quickly make your pick on making investments and choose the desired crypto as per your choice. Ultimately, after you have successfully selected your cryptocurrency in which you want to make the transfer, go ahead and finish the process of transfer.

Nova exchange Fees

As per the previous discussion, it is quite clear and evident now that building up your account on Nova exchange is entirely free and does not require a penny from you. One thing to do about Novaexchange is that, is not accept any sort of credit cards or does not clips bank transfer function as well. Overall the whole platform is built on making minimal transfers and decidedly fewer fees are required for all of this.

Talking about the transactions, Nova exchange discharge a little Commission on each of the transactions that are made on and within the platform. The currency determines the commission and the amount that is to be paid. One thing, however, is that the commission never goes beyond 0.2%.

While making changes in the platform, it is compulsory for you to know that Nova exchange charges one of the significant fees and that is when you add up a brand new coin in the list. So, if you have ended up making an entirely new coin which is going to be of a lot more value, then all your required to do is to list it, and Nova exchange will take care of the rest by paying off to the list services.

Speaking of the fees, the yearly fees that one has to pay for being a part of the platform is 0.25 BTC. However, as for the current situation is concerned former the listing is done at a set up of 1 BTC. The yearly fees are settled off for coins, and they must have a trading volume of minimum of 0.2 BTC for around 3 weeks or so.

The Novaexchange Disadvantages

Some of the disadvantages associated with the platform include:

Disappointment for Beginners

As for the whole discussion we had about the different forms of currencies and their usage, if you are not aware of it former then probably the coin listed above are of no use to you. This clearly shows that Nova exchange is not the one for you. This platform is a place where even talented players can go around and make a mistake. So, if you are counting a value, it might happen that you pay much more than its exact amount. Definitely, the market is not that liquid as of now. The situation is somewhat similar to a position in Ether Delta.

No more coin Deposits

While we started, it was explicitly mentioned about the fact that Nova exchange is soon going to stop accepting any sort of deposit. This is because there are a lot of questions as of now related to the venue of trading that the platform is about to make. Alongside goes the rumors about the future. This will make sure that the whole thing will completely shut down or will be brought down by new users. However, there is no certainty about the fact, and anything can happen in the coming time restaurant the source and details we are carrying as of now.

Bye Bye Leverage

Talking about the prices, the consensus prices are a lot more than what is originally mentioned in the platform. This is sure to lead forward a lot of trouble related to the concern. The exchanges made involves assets and the total prices in the trading goes off without providing any sort of leverage in the time being. So, in such a case put forth, it is quite clear and understanding that there is no surprise about the fact that Nova exchange forgets to provide any sort of leverage when it comes to that. Pretty bad, isn’t it?

No Trading of Cryptos

The exchange platform of Nova exchange is definitely not the place where you can go ahead to make interactions with different kinds of fiat. No. That doesn’t happen here, and from everything mentioned above, you must have got the idea by now. So, if you are looking for exchanging platform and you are a beginner too, the place is Bitstamp and Coinbase that offers all sorts of opportunities to look forward to making exchanges and follow by them as well.

Quick Overview of Nova exchange Review

Fiat DepositNone
WithdrawalBlockchain network fee applies
Payment Methods Accepted BTC
Trading MarginNo
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One of the exciting trade venue when it comes to that is Nova exchange. A place where it is possible to find any sort of trading assets to regulate the point forward. However, the recommendation is not for the kids and beginners who have no idea about making relevant exchanges and trading. The whole process and its operations are flawless, and the deposits along with the withdrawals are very easy to look forward to. That would be all about the platform – nova exchange. Make sure to extract the maximum knowledge from the article and if you want me to know something, make sure to pin it down in the comments.

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