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Mercatox Exchange Review 2021: Fees, Advantages etc

Mercatox exchange is our today’s topic to review, if you are searching for Mercatox review then keep reading because today here at BlockchainBiome we will make sure to answer all your questions regarding Mercatox Exchange like Mercatox fees, is it safe or not, how to use etc.

Everything is changing and that too at a very past face and so is the financial world. With time, everything is turning into digital and digital currencies are now on the go. The world that once was all about hard cash no longer exists and in the present time, it is all about e-currency and cryptos. With Bitcoin and its invention, everything has gone downstream and the fact that it has helped people get what they want leaves no scar to portray the truth.

This is what has brought the need for exchange and this is exactly why we need it so much.

So, let’s shift our focus to a platform that aims in serving something like the way we want it.

Mercatox Exchange Review: Introduction

Mercatox Review

In the evolving era of technology, shopping is something we all prefer to do manually, especially clothing items. Brands with unlimited assurances and guarantees are accessible in tons, though the individuals who tail them are a bunch in number. Trust issues with what a product looks in the picture and how it differs in reality continues.

From my personal experience, everyone tries at least once to rely on their chosen online store and has once ordered things to verify its quality. 70% of them are disappointed with the services and have opted out. I recently encountered an incident myself. There was a clothing site called ‘clothing hearts’. The outfits posted on display were very catchy and at 20% discount. The offer mesmerized me.

But being at the safer side, I read terms and conditions that promised a 7-day return policy. I cheerfully ordered one piece for myself. When the dress was delivered, all my joy ended up. It wasn’t stitched properly and gave a shabby look when worn. Added to this, the contact number, email-id on the site never responded. I ended up wasting my precious pocket money for that.

Online stores have expanded to such an extent where every small-scale start-up are provided space to get exposure. But not every start-up is rationalized to certain important terms. E-commerce websites have significantly proved to increase in value, but some unfavorable incidents stop every individual to participate further.

A common belief is spread across the market. It says, “If a company sells items at higher rates, the product is original and pure.” This has decreased the reward system of many famous brands that lie somewhere middle of high and low brands. They fear the loss in sales by keeping some rewards on products. On the other hand, consumers search for discounts and rewards associated with a product. Also, consumers like me fear the fake products to be circulated among us.

Cryptocurrency has already entered in the industry like a boom! Many businesses are already reaching out to understand how it works and adapt it for their benefits. It has a captivating reserve to an exponentially increasing economy. Not limited to this, its highly encrypted safe network shields it from touching heights!

What if the benefits of e-commerce combine with payment industries?

Everything to satisfy its customers to indulge more and more in e-commerce and experience a secure and encrypted environment. Presenting mercatox platform to cut down trust issues and force inactive individuals to profit themselves.

About Mercatox Exchange

Mercatox Review

Mercatox Exchange is as of now a brand-new platform for carrying out the crypto exchange in a well and efficient manner. It helps at providing exchanges at fair and low cost. It was launched in the year 2016 and this is what has led to the Initial coin offering in the coming time.

Mercatox is a decentralized ecosystem set to facilitate the benefits of e-commerce and trading in one click. It is a carefully designed e-commerce website integrated with decentralized payment gateways to ensure healthy customer experiences. It supports ‘Unified Reward System’ that benefits both buyers and sellers!


It brings down the cost for consumers through the reward system and attracts customers from all over the network for sellers.

Mercatox Review: Services

The four basic services that come forward with the use of the Mercatox platform include:

Altcoin Exchange – These services can be taken into use by facilitating the buying and selling of the cryptos which help with easier exchanges.

E-currency exchange – It is not like some other altcoin exchange and aims at offering a lot more than the usual. It involves the exchange of digital money with the help of which we can go out for making purchases. Apart from that, it also involves the use of merchants and the better way through which they can carry out their exchanges in an effective manner.

E-wallet – Mercatox aims at helping the people by providing them the best e-wallet where you can opt for storing the coins and then, digital money. This wallet holds a lot of currency payment feature that will help in carrying out functional and commercial purposes in the future time.

P2P Exchange – Peer to peer exchange is a must go to option and with the help of this, a lot of things in the world of crypto has become easier than the usual. In this case, in-between links to share within the contacts and so on to peruse ahead.

It has efficiently utilized Ethereum blockchain technology to unite the world again! Features like customer app, Mercatox card (touch and pay), Mercatox mobile wallet, e-commerce marketplace etc. are together publishing its worth. It is a true transparent network where users can connect to various businesses and check their originality.

Exciting rewards are linked with every successful transaction through MERCATOX Token (easily converted to fiat money or other cryptocurrencies).

Mercatox Fees

Full NameWithdrawal FeesMin DepositMin Withdrawal
Bitcoin (BTC)0.00030.00010.001
Bitcoin Gold(BTG)000
R Token(R)253050
eBTC[OLD] (EBTC)51015

Mercatox Payment Methods

There are different modes using which you can conduct your payment on the mercatox platform. In the current time, there are more than 100 cryptocurrencies that one can use to make their withdrawals as well as to make their deposits.

There are several methods that include the basic electronic payment method with the help of which one can conduct their payment in an easy and hassle-free way.

Secondly, electronic payments method that is available includes different versions of payment. Some of which are Payeer, Perfect Money, OK Money, and KIWI.

However, the good thing about the whole thing is that there are easier ways to make the payment, however, the sad part of the story is that the company has no wires that will hold on to a credit card. This can create a problem for a lot of them as most of the people rely on credit cards for making the payment.

Mercatox Exchange Advantages

It offers all the privileges to people by offering all sort of advantages that they need.  It makes trading of altcoins easier and helps in going of it in an effective manner. The interface is also quite convenient for people to use and be a part of in the longest time.

Mercatox Exchange Features

The platform is very special in its own way. Some of the special features of the platform include the following:

Mercatox uses its very own trading token with the help of which everything is very sorted. The trading token that the platform makes use of is called Merca, which is very impressive and has excellent volumes of trading.

On the contrary, it also holds on to franchise partnership. With the help of this, people who belong to the platform get an opportunity to have their very own franchise partnership with anyone they want. All they have to do is integrate the websites of Mercatox with that of the users. This will help them to carry on with their franchise partnership.

Thirdly, it also provides a margin trading opportunity for the people using which the traders will be able to buy as many coins as they want. Along with that, it will also provide them with several professional tools using which they can get hold of very high income in the coming future.

Overall, Mercatox is a program that ends with attracting more and more new users close to its platform. It does so by means of referral. Anyone belonging to the platforms can refer the platform and its advantages to anyone they wish. This is going to make the site and the brand very known and popular in the coming time.

So, the working is somewhat like this. If you are belonging to the platform and if you invite someone you know to sign up with this platform, you receive a very small percentage of the fees of the other person who signed up using the platform. This, it is limited for a very short time howsoever.

That is not all. The platform also aims at bringing out the Loyalty program for its users. The users appreciate the Loyalty program and make sure to involve themselves fully and become a part of it. They do so by performing a different task that helps in making the platform very popular and known. This helps in the growth of the platform completely.

So, for every task that you perform, you are likely to receive some points into your credit that will help you to convert these points into something you want or any type of privilege related to the proper platform.

Mercatox Review: Safe or Not?

Well, the first thing that we look for while opting for any random platform is whether or not It is safe especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The same goes for this platform as well.

So let’s see is Mercatox safe?

As far as the ratings of the platforms are concerned, it is very new in the exchange world and it aims at building it’s very on reputation in the coming time. The ratings of the platform are so far being good which means that the platform is doing good for the people. However, it is on time to decide what all it brings along with us in the future.

Also, the platform is completely new in the world of exchange and it has its own way of making and building its reputation in the market. So far, the company has not gone to any disasters of hacking but it went through an incident that happened in the month of October of 2017 and this led to choose the leadership system down of the company. This went on for a few days but all the attempt was in vain.

This what explains the fact that the platform is pretty much safe for one to rely on. It is going to bring a lot of opportunities for the people who are involved in it. The security system of the platform is very secure and runs completely on blockchain technology.

The security of blockchain Technology is known to all and is beyond questions. The entire foundation of the security system of the platform is taken care of by blockchain. So, for the past 8 years, the blockchain platform has been ruthless and it is very difficult to hack it.

Wrapping up Mercatox Review

Mercatox exchange aims to provide a platform to benefit every link (buyer or seller) and impart knowledge to people about the strength of emerging Crypto world.

The potential of blockchain technology is still veiled from everyone. Mercatox project wants to take initiative to connect everyone and take blockchain and Cryptocurrency to next level. It hopes for a progressive nation that could launch anywhere it targets!

Let’s leave it on time to decide the multiple advantages it is going to bring on for the users and the multiple supplements it will bring forward in front of them in the coming time. The show will surely be worth the watch and help in growing in the coming time.

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Mercatox Exchange Review




Customer Support


Deposits and withdrawals Fees


Ease of Use



  • Margin Trading Offered
  • Ease of use Interface
  • Fiat Currencies supported
  • Transparent 0.25% fee on all trades
  • Support huge range of cryptocurrencies


  • No credit card/bank transfer deposits
  • No mobile trading app available
  • Withdrawal fees apply
  • Low trading volumes
  • Minimum deposit requirements

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