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Livecoin Exchange Review 2019: Is it Scam?

Livecoin Exchange is on the news nowadays because a lot of crypto users are facing lots of issues with Livecoin. People do say that this is a scam and people also do say this is not. So today here at BlockchainBiome we are going to share a complete Livecoin Exchange Review 2019 with you so that you can get to know all about this exchange.

Livecoin exchange review

With the advent of technology and smart IT developments, the world is moving at a very fast pace. We are indeed assisted every moment by smart devices that uses technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contracts, Cloud Computing, and many others that keep on upgrading from time to time. A platform is created for every field digitally to create a virtual market for the same.

The companies are growing in a complex and competitive ecosystem where it is difficult to maintain the competitive edge throughput. So, it becomes important for all big and small organizations to increase their efficiency by working with more and more specialists and experts who can help them to take better decisions and improve their performance. Expertise and experience are required by every firm to enhance their sustainability and profitability. A lot of investment is made by the research and development team to exactly know what type of talent is required by the company and accordingly process is stared to acquire the right talent for the same.

Livecoin Exchange – Introduction

Livecoin Exchange Review is a platform that works well on the global scale and aims to help the people carry out a better trading experience in the coming time.

Livecoin offers a cybersecurity utility token, named HKN and went for decreasing dangers, vulnerabilities, and assaults by taking out and averting them. This is the main installment technique inside the Livecoin biological community. Some companies invest so little in cyber security so they never knew when the cybercriminals are attacking their system.

So, here comes into play the work of Livecoin. Livecoin is decentralized blockchain for ethical hackers. The livecoin community held an ICO late in 2017 and by early of 2018. The livecoin token is available on the Yobit decentralized exchange. Basically, it is a platform that connects the companies with the cybersecurity experts. It also eliminates third party’s entities that raised the cost of acquiring ethical hacking services.

Livecoin burning principle


It might have supplied almost 4.95 million coins to investors but they want that so many coins are supplied. to fulfill their need they charge 30% for every transaction made by their Livecoin platform. So, after this to 15% will be burnt and half of the trading fees will be held by the company. The tokens are valued at around $1.55. less the coins are available and high demand will drive the prices of HKN token up, which is according to the need of investors and the Livecoin hackers.

They also want to raise the value of their coins to attract the quality white hat hackers to their platform.

Livecoin Exchange ICO

Livecoin held an ICO on the 30th and 31st November 2017. They decided to supply a total of 20 million HKN coins, but afterward, they slushed down to 5.6 million an of which 4.95 million was sold to investors and leftover 0.7 million was distributed among the team members. The Livecoin ICO did not receive as much as hype as they hyped for they thought that this Livecoin will bring some new change in the society and among the people too but unfortunately this did not happen.

There was no problem or issues about the company on Reddit and other forums too. The hype kicked it after the Livecoin got listed in Yobit and KuCoin. Then, the Livecoin price rose gradually from $1 to $7 within a week.


It is amongst the 50 biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Anyone can register to this and registration is free. It supports almost 300 coins and Livecoin is one of them. It does not matter which coin user is purchasing because at last the user will be able to buy HKN.


it was the first exchange to list HKN coins. It is as equally popular as KuCoin and it is known for supporting 500 cryptocurrencies. HKN is paired against ETH on the platform.

Livecoin Fees

0$ - 100,000$0.18%
100,001$ - 200,000$0.16%
200,001$ - 400,000$0.14%
400,001$ - 600,000$0.12%
600,001$ - 800,000$0.10%
800,001$ - 1,000,000$0.08%
1,000,001$ - 1,500,000$0.06%
1,500,001$ - 2,000,000$0.04%
2,000,001$- ∞0.02%

Livecoin Deposit Fees

Livecoin Deposit Fees

Wire transfer (SWIFT)EUR: 10 EUR / USD: 50 USD

Livecoin Withdrawal Fees

Wire transfer (SWIFT)EUR: 15 EUR / USD: 1.5% + 9 USD

How to buy Livecoin?

Note: if you forget the password you will lose your coins so always enter that password which the user is able to recognize easily.

  1. Firstly, we have to go to myetherwallet and enter a password so that when you require to see the details next time you can be able to see it just by entering your password. This is the easiest and secure way to store your Livecoin coins provided by the myetherwallet. Then click on the ‘create new wallet’.
  2. Then, go to the ‘download keystore file’. It is necessary that the user should make a backup of this file and read and understand all the instructions and warnings very carefully. Store this backup file in some external hard drives or USB drives so that whenever the user requires he can retrieve the data easily. Then, after doing this click on ‘I understand. Continue’.
  3. Now the user will be given a key which is in powerful and unencrypted to the user wallet. The user can also print out your private key and then store the key somewhere in a safe place. Because this problem occurs with many users as when a virus, malware or the user visit a website that has h malicious code then things directly target onto your private keys and then with the help of this anyone can open your wallet and steal your coins. Or it may also happen that the user forgot their password then you can restore your password by this option only. It also provides the option to print a paper wallet which includes all the options that the user requires to access their account.
  4. Now after this click on ‘save your address’.
  5. Now the computer server will open the user new wallet. Then select ‘keystore file’ option. Then upload the keystore file the user saved in step 2, then enter the password that the user has created. Then the user is able to see their wallet by scrolling up and down.
  6. Now, the user gets their address with whom they can log in to their wallet. The user will see a long string of letters and number labeled that is user address and here the Livecoin coins are stored. The user needs to store this wallet address in a somewhere safe place.
  7. After doing this you need to purchase the cryptocurrency Ethereum so, that user can exchange it for Livecoin.
  8. Now choose which Ethereum exchange the user would like to use. There are many Ethereum exchange:


  • Operate in 32 countries
  • Id verification required
  • Accept debit and credit cards and bank transfers

  • Id verification required
  • It covers 99% of countries
  • Accept debit or credit cards or bank transfers


  • It also accepts debit and credit cards
  • 180 + countries are supported

LiveCoin Exchange Review: Limitations

The specialists can also control their rating on the platform. An end-to-end sophisticated system of computing networks issued to confirm the experience and qualification of the specialists. This rating and verification help to build a stronger and more confident relationship between the customers and the specialists with more trust and loyalty.

The previous works and satisfaction level of previous customers is also shared on the platform so as to ensure better communities for the specialists. The block-chain technology helps the users to secure their data and improve the quality of data. A pool of talent is created for the mass market so the opportunity is created for all the users to explore more talent and skills and create qualitative personnel. No intermediaries are involved and the direct link is established between both the parties. Transactions and payments on the platform are done through internal token and fiat funds that provide more transparency.

The platform also enables cryptocurrency transaction for withdrawing funds or making payments that can be later converted into ordinary currency.  This repository of talent allows customers and specialists to form a community of their own and then use Livecoin tokens to form deposit boxes.

Livecoin Exchange proof

Livecoin proof is a decentralized bug which has an innovative approach to cybersecurity. It basically cooperates with the highly qualified, ethical hackers a bug bounty program aimed at helping the companies by hiring a community of white hat hackers to assess the company’s security systems and fix the problems.

It has a large team which includes many hundreds of hackers which are present all around the world. they help the user to fix the bug and also test user business for vulnerabilities. they also make sure that they keep the information of one’s user account as transparent as possible.

Livecoin proof principle

It provides the basic principle which is given below:

  • Cybersecurity analytic center
  • Bug bounty marketplace
  • Cybersecurity startups
  • Unreported Zero-day

Livecoin hub

Livecoin hub is a marketplace which also works with the Livecoin team. It protects your company from phishing emails and also hires the right security experts and if the company’s employee wants to learn about this malware then this also provides the right educators. it also offers services to evaluate the code used to program smart contracts and offer solutions where there are problems.

This is what makes it the best option for the users. This is because today finding the optimum talent and the right specialists is a challenge. Internet and various websites enable its users to submit their data and share their details so as to work for companies. But not all platforms have the accurate data and quality of the talent is tough to maintain. It consumes a lot of time and is costly to find authentic and most relevant talent.

Livecoin Exchange Review: Coins

It is basically a token used to purchase services on the Livecoin app. A total of 5.6 million HKN will go for the big sale and will be distributed. There is nothing to

How does Livecoin Exchange work?

Bug detection

With the help of Livecoin proof, you can detect the real-time notification information about the bug. This secures the user more as whenever a problem arises with the help of Livecoin proof they get to know the bug and can remove it as soon as possible.

Preventive, not reactive

It doesn’t deal with hacking attacks, prevent them instead. Since there is no IT product that doesn’t have a bug. This is what makes the platform worth the shot and an optimal solution to everyone looking ahead to be a part of it by joining hands with the platform.

Wrapping up Livecoin Review

The platform works as a block-chain repository of talent to form communities consisting of highly professional specialists and companies. Since the platform uses smart contracts and Ethereum based foundation, so data security and data transparency are never an issue. Technological and IT-based industries will definitely grow by attracting the best specialists and creating a qualitative solution-based environment.

Overall, the goal that this platform aims to achieve is the fact that the cooperative barriers are taken down and everything is as usual like the normal. Today we require the toughest security because everyone nowadays wants to earn money by hook or by crook they don’t see what is legal and what is illegal. So, many people intentionally do this hacking and try to earn money so we need the toughest security and Livecoin provide us with that. The livecoin platform seeks to provide their expertise to cybersecurity experts they need.

If you still have any issues regarding livecoin exchange review then do let us know in the comments below, we will try to help you out as soon as possible.

DO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH LIVECOIN EXCHANGE so that people can get to know your point of views.

Livecoin Exchange review




Customer Support


Fast deposits and withdrawals


Ease of Use



  • Supports a good number of altcoins
  • Low Trading Fees
  • Easy to use interface
  • Approx. 490 currency pairs
  • Multiple payment options


  • Slow service
  • Customer Support
  • Missing Mobile app
  • No info about the company
  • Server speed needs to be improved

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