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Kucoin Review 2018: Beginner’s Guide

KuCoin is on the air nowadays, everyone is looking for KuCoin reviews so that they can get an idea of it. So today here at BlockchainBiome I am going to share a total KuCoin review with you which will clear the entirety of your questions like what is KuCoin, its charges and so forth.

KuCoin is as of now an Asian exchange and is serving from Hong Kong, China. This KuCoin exchange was launched recently on September 15, 2017. KuCoin is generally one of those exchange platforms for crypto trading and helps it a successful trading option. The platform doesn’t support any fiat currency which can be a problem in the coming time.

KuCoin exchange came into existence when a group of blockchain enthusiasts that contained a total of 12 members in the team.

Michael Gam, who is the founder of KuCoin has continuously worked hard and is the technical expert of the whole team and is currently working in Art financial, which is an affiliate company that works for Alibaba. The whole team consists of skillful people and have a wonderful experience and have worked for quite a lot of time now.

The cluster that was having a passion for the blockchain who already had designed up a robust reputation at the business giants, like the GF Securities, hymenopterous insect money, Youling, Jianbang Communication, and iBOX PAY.

KuCoin Review

The main aim of KuCoin is to provide the users with the best and the safest options that will help them in converting their coins in the way they want. The company has set itself up in Hong Kong and it has, by far become one of the best and valid options that look forward to accepting rates in the present global market. The aim is also to attract foreign users as much as possible for proper management and betterment.

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KuCoin uses its own token for all sort of process and also for buying any stuff that it needs. The token is called KuCoin Shares and looks ahead to pay almost a total of 90% to the token holders when they are in need of it. With each day there are variations in the token and the dividends look ahead to launch it off.

It can also be their new plan that will lead forward to add a new world that will provide all sorts of exchange world mechanism. The team has left no stone unturned to prove its worth out to the world. They are conducting the exchange pretty well since the time it has put forth a step to showcase the bunch of talent it possesses and is not facing any problems so far.

Talking of the options that KuCoin puts for the youth, the whole point of view is to grow the research and development world and assemble the whole thing by May 2017. So far, there was an angel investment and that went live a few days after the whole scene took the front foot.

That was when the team took the start and launched its very own bonus plan. The multiple additional currencies were brought down and the mobile apps for both the Android and for the iOS.

The KuCoin are a lot too young as of now if you consider and think of the chances.

The team that was responsible for funding and research, that was related to the blockchain technology. They are working on it since 2011. However, the architecture of the platform and the exchange opportunities was achieved a long time back. The year that it dates back to is 2013. The whole thing was a benefit for the platform as they received continue iron and was helping it as the option by providing all the details to serve and deliver all sorts of services.

Features of the KuCoin Platform

As of now, the KuCoin platform is very efficient and is full of unique features that it has to offer to the audience. This is what makes the platform you need from the others and some of the good and efficient features of the platform are as follows.

1. The platform has a very powerful interface for the application program index which helps it to get access to the present market and find out the recent and real-time prices that the market has to offer. The interaction that happens between the users and the company helps each other to pull the data off from the system and help one another.

2. The second and one of the most important features in this KuCoin review is the stability of the finances.

It is very important for the platform to keep your assets a fat for the same it has everything that is within its reach to provide efficient options to keep your asset safe. For the same, it ensures that there are more than 5 to 6 layers of protection provided to every asset that it holds. The other exchanges that are operating right now I do not provide this guarantee which turns out to be a boon for the Kucoin platform. It provides a desktop wallet which helps in storing the coins. Talking about the financial levels of stability that it provides, for kucoin the whole thing is considered typically reserved. It helps in preventing natural disasters as well as helps in keeping on safe from the disaster that can happen anytime in the form of hardware failures. It is sure that extra precautions are taken to stop such problems.

3. The good part about the platform is that it has a professional team that is very established and have very good knowledge.

They are very professional with their work and maintain the quality of their work for the longest time possible. They also have a very good work experience and excel in every field they have both for and are specialized. The consultant team behind Kucoin are the biggest experts who are loaded with financial skills and are also have a lot of knowledge in the crypto and blockchain world to understand and explain the whole thing to the people who are a part of it for so long.

4. The next thing to set a focus on is the immensely powerful and sophisticated option that the platform offers when it comes to providing customer service to the people.

Kucoin makes sure that the people in the platform are offered service through out their day to ensure that there is no issue as such in the coming time. They keep their operations active 24*7 times in a day to help the people who need help. The customers are looked after and are given immediate attention when they need one using websites or their mails which is a pretty good option.

5. This is yet another unique feature in this KuCoin review is that it offers to the people who are attached with the platform. It provides lots of operational strategies with the help of which it becomes very easy for the development and Research team to conduct their processes in a powerful manner.

They ensure that the services are properly sent off to the people who are in need of it and is circulated properly. The quality of the products and services are to be maintained no matter what. In order to take care of the promotions of the operations attached and linked with it, the team behind the operation works in an offline manner as well as online to ensure that people are not deprived. The users were active and make their investment or are looking for an exchange, they get a lot of better Commission from kucoin. The platform ensures that the incentives are provided to the customers and that is what is going to help them stay in the long run. This will also help them in bringing your customers and adding to the trade every day.

6. Kucoin platform uses its cheers for making the exchange as well as for offering bonuses to the people.

It uses bonuses that provides very low fees for trading and looks out for other special services. The present time the total circulation is 200 million but it is soon going to increase in the coming time. The whole thing is based on Ethereum and is an ERC20 token. The users will have the privilege to store their coins and shares in the wallet that are totally safe.

KuCoin Registration Process

Signing up on the KuCoin platform is not a very tough thing to do. It is very simple to join the platform as one expects it to be. The first thing that was required to do is sign up using your Email and password. Further, the user will be sent verifications to verify their credentials with the help of which they can proceed further. After the user is successfully logged in into their accounts, they have the right to adjust their settings and to keep track of their assets, or to manage or take care of the river that includes bonuses from kucoin.

So when it comes to being counted as the most straightforward exchanges, kucoin tops the charts and becomes the most favorite of the traders. The traders suggest that the platform is to be used by everyone even if they are a beginner and trying their luck in the Crypto world.

The users are highly recommended to use the authentication verification to add security to the account they are currently using.

The KuCoin platform does not require any sort of identity certificate as a result of which it does not accepts any sort of fiat currencies that includes EUR and USD.

KuCoin Review about Bonus and Referral

Kucoin is an open platform where anyone can invite any other users with the help of just an invitation code. This is a very easy process and just with a verification code, you can be a part of the platform. So if you are someone was invited your friends to be a part of the platform then and they are looking forward to have a wonderful trading experience, this is just a platform for them.

For example, if one directly invites the users, then the person will get 20% of the fees, while the user the one had invited directly gets the 12% of the fees of the users that were invited indirectly and this is how the invitation code works.

The platform makes sure that the reward that one wins on trading is successfully shared with the who are a part of the platform are the ones who have invited them. So if you are someone was directly invited the user when you are about to get 20% percent of the total fees and the poor person of the fees will be given to the users who were invited indirectly. This is exactly how the invitation code of the platform works.

The whole process is very simple if you give it a look. So if you are someone who has shared their code with someone else, then you along with your friend who has been invited receive a good percentage of the transaction fees.

The users will get:

  • 20% of what the users get when they are directly invited.
  • 12% of the users who are indirectly invited by someone else in the platform.
  • 8% of the users who are indirectly invited to the users.

Wrapping up KuCoin Review

Kucoin is a brand-new arrival in the crypto world when it comes to exchanges. As of now, it has been working for almost three years now and continues to put in the effort for the good of people.

The members behind the team have done all sort of research to make the platform the right one for the people.

They make sure that people are not deprived of any sort of options when it comes to that and have endless possibilities for the world to use it. Overall, it is a very good and better platform that has high scope in the future.

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