DAEX Review

DAEX Review 2019: All You Need To Know

DAEX is hoping to get rid of all the centralization problems that the digital market may face. It is a secure platform that promises to provide credibility and security to centralized digital asset transactions. The platform also consists of the DAEX wallet, which, is extremely easy to use.

Today at BlockchainBiome, we provide a DAEX review, answer questions such as ‘Is it safe?’, ‘What is DAEX coin?’, ‘What does it do?’.

This DAEX review will provide you with everything you need to understand it.

What is DAEX and Why?

DAEX (official page) offers a decentralized solution to all the centralized hassles that cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets bring. DAEX consists of a public clearing chain and a DAEX wallet. There are several credibility and security issues that are involved with digital assets and their transactions. Cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchanges are mostly centralized with most assets being stored under the control of a central authority.

This centralization poses several problems. Credibility and security are the most significant of these problems.

  • How can these platforms be trusted?
  • How can they be deemed to be credible enough to handle our assets properly?
  • How can they be counted on to secure our assets?
  • How can they prevent hacking and malicious intrusion into our information and digital assets?

Those are the questions that could give many cryptocurrency enthusiasts sleepless nights.

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This is where DAEX comes in.

DAEX is the solution to all these centralization problems. DAEX deploys a public blockchain that provides a clearing solution. It intends to create an ecosystem that ensures the safety of your digital assets. An ecosystem that can nurture the growth of cryptocurrencies.

It provides traders and exchanges with a much safer, efficient and trustworthy environment to trade and manage cryptocurrency.

Problems with Exchanges and Digital Asset Management

DAEX Review

The digital currency market has been on the rise for quite a while now. There is a popular demand for cryptocurrency and with the Bitcoin boom, things have never been this promising for the digital market. The rise of the market has created the need for a safe ambiance for trading digital assets. There is a demand for convenience and safety in digital asset transactions.

Like I have mentioned earlier, exchanges tend to offer credibility and security issues that can be very malicious. It is imperative to ensure that these shortcomings are overcome.

Fast transaction speeds, liquidity and easy to use interfaces are some of the desirable characteristics of exchanges and digital asset platforms. However, the infrastructure behind these platforms is largely flawed. Everything is in a centralized scope. The trading and clearing are carried out in a completely centralized environment.

Therefore, these exchanges are always vulnerable to internal fraud and hacking attempts.

DAEX, with the help of smart contracts and distributed ledger technology, aims to overcome these problems.

DAEX includes a clearing chain, which, is public and ensures transparency of transactions. It also includes a DAEX wallet that supports several crypto assets.

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This ensures that traders have full ownership of all their assets while having all their transactions being cleared by the clearing blockchain. It provides the best of both the centralized and decentralized world.

DAEX has lofty ambitions and is striving to achieve its goals. The ecosystem that it aims to create will create a healthy and reliable environment for both traders and exchanges alike.

Digital Assets

Digital assets include all your cryptocurrency funds. Every coin or token that you own is a part of your asset portfolio. Everything you have in all your crypto wallets constitutes your assets.

Cryptocurrency exchanges and other crypto trading services are on the verge of being regulated. These exchanges allow you to buy and sell your assets rather easily. The convenience that these exchanges provide is what makes these platforms so popular. The interfaces that they provide are so simple that many transactions can be carried out with just a couple of clicks.

These platforms simplify the trading process and make it significantly easier for users to handle their crypto assets. Some of these platforms offer advanced analytics that further simplifies the process.

Regulated exchanges can soon enter the cryptocurrency field. It would not come as a surprise if this development takes place sooner rather than later. If exchanges do get regulated, it could be deleterious for them. Exchanges will be worried about this regulation.

Big players in the finance field such as NASDAQ could also enter the digital asset field. This could spell more doom for the existing crypto exchanges. NASDAQ is just waiting for a regulator. Once a regulator is guaranteed, we could see NASDAQ in the digital asset market.

Developments of this kind would undoubtedly increase the intensity and ferocity of competition amongst the existing cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The competition to provide the best services will intensify at a rapid rate. As a result of the competition, there could be a lot of exchanges that go out of business.

This can pose to be a serious problem to the user as well. What happens when the platform you use shuts down? What happens to your assets? A lot of worrisome problems will undoubtedly arise. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure security and credibility while using these platforms.

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There is no denying that the cryptocurrency market is still burgeoning and is at its early stage.  There is a large potential for growth for this market. The growing market space provides an opportunity for new players to come in.

Additionally, it will take a significant amount of time for regulators to develop policies for the crypto industry. Cryptocurrencies are unique and universal. The market infrastructure constantly undergoes changes thanks to the blockchain technology at its root. Therefore, it is a challenging job for the regulators to factor into account the volatility of this market and makes suitable policies. The policies should be globally accepted, and this causes a significant problem too.

DAEX can take care of everything. It can provide the necessary regulation and clear transactions through its transparent public chain. The transparency ensures that everyone is easily aware of the transaction.

Furthermore, the DAEX wallet serves as a great means to store a large number of assets including the most popular coins and tokens. The wallet can store your public keys very well. The wallet performs all functions that one could ask of a cryptocurrency wallet.

DAEX Business Model

DAEX Review

The digital asset market is a financial world of its own. The number of financial products connected in this market has been rapidly on the rise. All digital asset owners spend time worrying about the management of several wallets and exchanges. These digital asset owners generally tend to use several wallets and exchanges. In such scenarios, monitoring assets are troublesome.

These exchanges have a centralized authority to ensure information transparency and asset security. The business models of these exchanges are generally independent of each other. There are different processes set in place for clearing and settling digital assets for each of these exchanges. These clearing and settlement processes are hindered by the policies and technical bottlenecks.

DAEX’s distributed clearing and settlement solution helps in solving these credibility and security issues. The combination of centralized and decentralized solutions holds your assets in good stead.

DAEX also offers a replete set of security systems and vaults for digital assets for both exchanges and individual investors. These systems are extremely trustworthy. They are claimed to be fair, efficient and standard regulations compliant. The digital asset market is on course to follow the traditional financial market. The only difference between the traditional market and the digital asset market is, the fact that the digital asset market can be easily distributed and decentralized, making it more trustworthy.

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  • Reliable and Authentic data

The distributed nature of assets and information makes it improbable for information to be maliciously altered. Therefore, DAEX’s solution to a distributed digital asset market will enhance information reliability and make it authentic. The permission to modify data will be solely rested with the owner.

  • Real-time asset registration

DAEX’s brilliant clearing and settlement process will ensure all changes in data are synchronized and reflected across the distributed network. This will aid in achieving simultaneous registration of assets on different platforms.

  • Personal Privacy Protection

The chain identification codes built into the distributed ledger system ensures the privacy of data. This extends protection to personal exchange data. DAEX goes a long way to ensure no data compromise takes place. A lot of prominences is given to the protection of the user’s data.

DAEX Blockchain Design

  • Smart contracts are used for storing all value in the clearing chain.
  • An upgraded Proof of Stake system is used to improve the performance of transactions.
  • A directional encryption scheme is used for digital asset transactions.
  • The entire ecosystem meets all audit implementation and regulatory support requirements.
  • Am effective governance scheme is adopted to ensure data consistency on the distributed clearing chain. This scheme prevents any forking in case of emergency.

DAEX Wallet

The DAEX wallet provides multiple currency support and is a hassle-free way to store your coins. Cryptocurrency wallets do not actually store any coins. Rather, they store the private key and public key pairs. The DAEX wallet is also no different.

The DAEX wallet is built to meet the needs of both individual users and businesses. The wallet can be used for proof of identity. Every exchange in the DAEX ecosystem can be accessed conveniently through this identity authentication system from DAEX.

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Uninstalling and reinstalling applications such as wallet applications can result in loss of assets. Other reasons for asset loss are forgetting mnemonics, losing the important key store file and change in wallet apps’ regulations.

DAEX provides a multi-layered security and defense system. These include multi-factor authentication, secure key management, solid defense mechanisms to name a few. 

It also implements a segmented key mechanism that helps in recovering assets whenever a user loses his/her key.

Working of the DAEX Wallet

The end-user has an easy to use and hassle-free wallet. Each user’s assets on the main chain are mapped onto the public ‘clearing’ chain. This mapping allows for easy handling and management of the assets. The wallet provides an efficacious channel for sending and receiving all your digital assets.

The wallet identity authentication mechanism adds extra authentication features. This feature also reduces transaction costs and makes the transactions considerably faster. The mapping to the clearing chain is a brilliant way of handling and synchronizing assets. The security added on top of it provides assurance to the user.

DAEX Wallet Design

The DAEX Wallet provides support to multiple digital assets, including the most popular ones.

The single-identity asset management mechanism allows for smooth exchanges.

The multi-segment key protects all user assets even when the key is lost/forgotten. The multi-segment key also provides extra protection. If one entity or organization holds a certain segment of the key, the assets cannot be accessed unless all segments of the key are available.

There is a lot of scope for collaboration thanks to the enterprise-level functionality and the multiple levels of authorization.

The DAEX wallet takes on many duties, such as payment, trading, asset handling, etc.

It also supports several third-party services and exchanges. It has great compatibility with renowned exchanges and is efficient in carrying out synchronization of assets.

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DAEX Token

DAEX Review

The DAEX token (DAX) is the token of the public blockchain. This token has not yet reached noteworthy heights, but, it is worthy of keeping an eye on.

DAX Coin Price

DAEX coin market value (DAX)$0.008244 USD
DAEX coin market cap$2,923,825 USD
DAEX coin circulating supply354,666,702 DAX
DAEX coin total supply2,000,000,000 DAX

Is DAEX safe to use?

DAEX has a noble cause in mind and has some of the best security features. It ensures that all your digital assets are managed properly. The wallet has never had a recorded instance of being hacked or maliciously accessed. The DAEX wallet is certainly an option you can consider.

Wrapping Up DAEX Review

DAEX is preparing for the centralization of the digital asset market. It aims to bring about decentralization in a market headed for centralization. It has noble intentions and is growing to provide credibility and security in the digital asset market.

The DAEX wallet is easy to use and can be relied upon to secure your crypto assets. DAEX can play a pivotal role in securing the future of the digital asset market.

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