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Crypterium Review 2021: ICO, Coin Price, News

Crypterium coin is being looked at by a large number of individuals every month and we as a whole know why. So today here at BlockchainBiome I am going to share a complete Crypterium review with you which will clear the entirety of your questions regarding Crypterium ICO, Crypterium price prediction and so on.

With each passing day, the economic growth of the cryptocurrencies is ascending. In today’s date, the industry along with the cases of fraud is mounting every day. The policymakers are deteriorating and becoming corrupt, gradually. As a result, many of the large institutions belonging to this industry tend to digest all their client’s investments by means of fraud. The expertise felt the need to expand the limit of currency exchange as well as in payments, using the cryptocurrency. But there is also a high rate of risk behind such operations.

This is where our today’s focus; Crypterium comes into action. Crypterium is an advanced technique that enhances the overall trade using cryptocurrencies. It is solely based on the Ethereum platform. For those who don’t know what Ethereum is, here is a brief introduction to Ethereum.

crypterium review

Ethereum (also termed as Ether) is basically an open-source software that can be accessed by any cryptocurrency traders. It is quite similar to the Bitcoin network but there are some clear distinctions between them. Ethereum lets any user establish a decentralized organization on a Blockchain network. Using Ether, one can not only mine Bitcoins but can also work online in order to earn Ether in the form of token. Those tokens can be used as a tradable currency or even pay the subscription for the particular network.

Traders are adapting Crypterium for the fact that, it is the most reliable and the fastest medium for doing transactions, in the present scenario. One can send or receive the crypto payments in the real-time frame. Not only this, it also offers some other services to its users which no other network provides. If you are someone who uses multiple applications for doing crypto trade, you can totally sit back and relax a bit more as you won’t need to toggle among apps each time you are monitoring your business. You can actually link other applications into this network and can enjoy a hassle-less trade.

What is Crypterium?

Crypterium (CRPT) was initially Crypterium ICO (Initial Coin Offering) where big businessmen used to invest their crypto-currency in order to purchase a share of a company. But nowadays, it has changed its business as it now only sells tokens so that the traders can have a creamy smooth experience in trading. Earlier, there were many cases of frauds, therefore, in order to control this issue, Crypterium coin has played a major role in the industry. It not only provides security but also takes a very less amount as commission (0.5%) against each transaction. The most advantageous feature of this platform is that the working model of this technology is wholly derived from the forerunner technology, i.e. Blockchain. This is why it can perform all the tasks related to banking.

In the current time, everything is computerized, faster than it was before. Therefore, in this advancing world, why waste our precious time to enter some credential details each time you do a transaction? By the time you enter your details, someone else with an advanced system might steal your customer and get their as well as your piece of cake. Here is why you must shift towards the Crypterium platform if you are still stuck in your old-school version of mediator.

Crypterium is very much efficient within itself as well as for its users. It saves your time and performs transaction real fast. It actually saves your credential data the first time you do a transaction so that you don’t need to enter the details each and every time. Also, you don’t need to worry at all as it is one of the safest platforms that are available in the present market. All your investments, confidential data, and your assets are securely saved. There is no chance of data leak or losing your money. Most importantly, your investment never goes into vain.

Crypterium Coin

Crypterium coin is nothing but an alternate of the Ethereum token. As per the company’s declaration, Ethereum token is given to those users actually purchased the share of a company in the form of IOC. The token is instantly deposited to the customer’s respective Ethereum wallet. The algorithm is not a random one. In fact, the share of the tokens is decided on the basis of the amount invested to purchase a share. Based on whose investment is more, it is then distributed judiciously. This is known as the “smart contract” in the Ethereum Policy.

The main moto behind launching this company was to successfully narrow down the boundary line that set any limit to the minimum amount in investment. Though as per the company’s norms, one has to buy at least 75 CRPT tokens or Crypterium coin during the token sale, the organizers are looking towards terminating this policy as it would attract more investors.

Despite calling CRPT simply a token, the company owners tend to emphasize more on the usability of each CRPT. If you are on a Crypterium platform, you are likely to get at least a few CRPT tokens which you can utilize in your further transactions. To let you know, one cannot perform a single transaction without spending his/her token(s) that is required for that particular transaction. This is deliberately done so that there is a generalized currency that regulates all over the platform uniformly. And the company believes that it would encourage the potential traders to increase their trade on a daily basis.

There is a pack of premium as well as ordinary features that it provides for its users. Anyone who enters into this platform can easily avail its functionalities. Now, there might be a question spinning around your head that “Why would anyone sign in to this platform?” It is quite obvious that no one will switch over to this technology just for the after-treat that one is going to get. The answer to this question is precisely listed below followed by the features of the platform which one can get.

Features of Crypterium

The transaction occurs at a tremendous speed.

Also, you don’t need any kind of card for doing a transaction, which further, saves a lot of time of the users.

For any user, transaction limit is a big issue. Here you can send or receive an unlimited amount.

There is no exchange or conversion of currencies happening.

The platform supports a lot of other applications, wallets, and services other than its in-built programs.

Nowadays, cashback is popular, especially in online banking systems. Therefore, you get the same on this platform. For each transaction, you can expect any cashback.

It is very much essential for the traders to have a contract signed by both the parties and the third party (if any) while doing a business. But here, you don’t need to bother about any contracts. The transaction will be online; hence, no proof or data is required as the transaction itself will be stored as a proof..

The most important thing about Crypterium is that it does not allow any fraudster to get into the platform. You can be cent percent sure about the well-maintained security of the company.

Features of Crypterium Coin

Crypterium coins can be used for funding easily, as there is no currency involved in it. Therefore, there is no headache of currency exchange.

Just like our conventional banks, the platform also gets advisory aid from the skilled persons, known as Crypto Bankers. This is one of the best Crypterium coin advantage according to me.

We often encounter a problem while we try to look for a mobile application of our respective banks’, either they develop only for Android users or for iOS, and the rest don’t have any. But you can actually find a mobile-based application that is compatible both on Android as well as the Apple’s iOS platform.

The day is not very far when Crypterium coin itself will be called a bank in the modern generation of cryptocurrency. In other words, this is the future of the cryptocurrency world. The company is chasing very fast to bring itself closer to the actual banking sectors. This is the best part of this Crypterium review I guess.

A Brief about Crypterium ICO

The Crypterium ICO was started on 31st October 2017. After completion of around 2 months, the purchase was finally terminated on 6th January 2018. At that time of Crypterium ICO, the minimum number of tokens one could buy was 75 CRPT as per the company norms. The company targeted to collect an enormous amount of $49 million, also known as Crypterium ICO Hard Cap.

Even though the rate of the bonus offered to the customers varied within a wide range of 3%-15% but this didn’t let the company face any hazardous situation. Instead of that, you will be amazed to know that within around 5 hours, the company has calculated a whopping fund of $3 million (Crypterium ICO Soft Cap). At that time of Crypterium ICO, the accepted currencies were only BTC, ETH, and the centralized digital currency which is also known as Fiat money. The hard cap and the soft cap with respect to BTC were 14,500 and 500 respectively. And 1 CRPT was equal to 0.0001 BTC.

Growth in the Crypterium Price

After the Crypterium ICO, on 22nd January 2018, the market cap of the Crypterium coin was $0 and the price of the Crypterium coin was $2.037. On 23rd January, there was a noticeable change in the price as it hiked to $2.71603, and to let you know, this is the maximum value that has been recorded so far against a single CRPT token.

But, as a saying goes, good times never stay for too long, the same happened to the company. Until 18th February 2018, there were no issues. But on 19th February 2018, the company has experienced an abundant amount of downfall in the price of their CRPT token. It fell to $0.265389, which has been the least amount, till date. Though the company has still not found a broader way to overcome the crisis, their current business is much prettier than it was in February. As per the data, on March 6, 2018, the company has accomplished its highest market cap, which was $40,186,754.

The latest statistics state that the latest price of a single CRPT token is $0.411966 and a number of 79,256,600 CRPT coins are being circulated, having a market cap of $32,651,000. At this moment, no prediction can be done regarding the lifespan of the company and even the company owners don’t have an answer to this question.

Therefore, it can only be said that if the company stick strict to its policies, think for involving its users into better investments, and stay wise to them then only it can be assumed that there is a certainty of its growth to the desired position it actually aimed to.

How to buy Crypterium Coins?

The first thing that you will need for using Crypterium coin is an advanced and a secure crypto wallet. If you are already using any crypto wallet then just check if it supports the CRPT coins or not. And also, you need to keep in mind that your existing wallet is ERC20 compatible one. If not, there is nothing to worry as the company has its own crypto wallet, known as CrypteriumWallet. Or else, you can also opt for any third-party crypto wallet that are ERC20 compatibles, such as MyEtherCoin, Ledger Nano S, etc.

There are two types of crypto wallets, and it’s important for you to know the difference between these two. The two types are Hot Storage and Cold Storage. What happens in hot storage is, the coins are stored in the wallet online, i.e. they can be used from anywhere, anytime. This is more feasible than the cold storage. Cold storage, on the other hand, stored the coin in the wallet offline, i.e. they are stored into a hardware system rather than getting stored in a cloud system.

This is why cold storages like Ledger Nano S is a safer option among all other crypto wallets. Even though hot storages lack in providing security to your wallet, they are far cheaper than the cold storages. You will need to pay a handsome amount for purchasing a cold storage to store your coins into a hardware system that is offline and safe from any kind of cyber-attacks.

  • After you are done setting up the wallet, select an exchange platform to buy the tokens. You might find it little difficult searching for a suitable platform to buy these tokens as it is new in the market and not many platforms offer you to buy the CRPT tokens.
  • If you find it difficult, head over to CoinFalcon. Along with many other crypto coins, you will also find Crypterium coins here. There are also many other platforms such as Idex, ForkDelta, Bitfinex, etc.
  • After you have successfully found a suitable exchange platform, head over to your crypto wallet.
  • Buy a crypto coin (any) that you can convert into CRPT after your purchase.
  • Deposit the purchased crypto coins on the exchange platform.
  • Exchange the crypto coins with the CRPT.
  • And finally, one the conversion is done, you can now store the purchased coins into your crypto wallet.

Wrapping up Crypterium Review

Hence, we conclude this article here. Hope it was useful to you and you got a bit of knowledge about the newbie company, Crypterium, and their services. But above all, it is our duty to suggest you that be very cautious be ineforvesting any penny on any cryptocurrency, as they are not governed by any centralized body. You might have a cherry on your cake, or someone else might eat the whole cake of yours.

If you still have any doubts regarding crypterium coin review then do let me know in the comments below so that I can help you out as soon as possible.

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