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Coinomi Wallet Review 2019: Is it safe?

Coinomi wallet review is one of the most searched wallets nowadays because no-doubt it is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets available right now. So if you are also looking for an in-depth Coinomi review then you are at perfect place because today here at BlockchainBiome we are going to share all about coinomi wallet which you must know before start using it like coinomi fees and is it safe to use or not etc.

The way we currently live and thrive is mostly possible through the emergence of states. People of the same language, same aspirations, and the same cultural spectrum banded together for the greater good of everyone involved. Due to these differences, however, disputes emerged that eventually led to full-blown wars that resulted in millions of casualties just to protect a code of conduct. Life is certainly more precious than a set of enforced rules by a centralized system. Only because we entrust our lives that does not mean that the system is right.

What if there was a way to create a system in which the most effective forms of governance are going to clarify above the ones that directly do not work? To some, implementing such a system is in the realm of utopia, but with the recent developments in the blockchain industry, a global revolution within the governance systems is poised to make a move!

Coinomi wallet review

It is very important for one to have a wallet if they are looking forward to storing their digital currencies in a proper and efficient manner. This also comes in play when we need to go for crypto transactions that are likely to play them in and around role in a whole way.

So, you might want to know and get started with the names of the coins that offers the best options, right? Well, there are many that offer the privilege but the prior one that tops the chart is called Coinomi wallet. It is not only super fast and convenient but also serves the best to the people making it one of the reasons for most of the people to rely on it. It also supports tons of tokens using which you can conduct your transactions in an effective manner. Here comes everything about Coinomi.

What is Coinomi?

Coinomi Wallet Review 2019

It basically is a mobile wallet that is capable of using and implying multiple coins for the process of transfer and making transactions as well, but now it is also available for desktops. It works completely well with mobiles and is designated to store and send along with receiving the different sort of cryptocurrencies.

It is very convenient for the IOs and Android users to download the app right from their stores or the link is given below and use it as often as they need it. Those who are blackberry users can also get hold of the app very easily and that too without any trouble. As fun as it sounds, it is.

You can also download the app directly from here,

Download coinomi for Android

Download coinomi for iOS

Get Coinomi Desktop Version

Coinomi desktop wallet review

According to the reports, the coinomi desktop version is live on windows, mac, as well as Linux. The company is based in the United Kingdom and aims at providing the best to the people. With the help of this wallet, the users will have the privilege to store their digital assets without any problem and queries. It will be very easy for them to carry along as many numbers of digital assets they want without any hassle. The ones who hold the coinomi wallet will have the privilege to make easy and fast changes according to their convenience. They don’t even need an Internet connection to make the transaction.

You can download Coinomi desktop Wallet for Windows, Mac, and Linux too.Coinomi desktop wallet review

Download Coinomi desktop from here

The interface of coinomi wallet is very user-friendly and it makes sure that the users are given off the best. It also comes with the strong technology that holds the encryption process and makes it very vulnerable to be extracted.

Advantages of coinomi wallet

So now moving forward in this coinomi review let’s see the advantages.

Coinomi review

Before getting used to any services it is very important to know about the perks it has to offer to the people. There should be enough valid reason for one to opt for such a service for the future as well as for the present.

Some of the advantages of the coinomi wallet that will allow and make it easier for the people to use it are as follows.

  • Supports multiple coins – One of the biggest advantages that coinomi wallet provides is the fact that it can use or hold a lot of cryptocurrencies at once. This is what makes it unique. The cryptocurrencies include major digital currencies as well as altcoins. Not only that, the developers are making every effort to add more and more altcoins in the coming time.
  • Security – One of the major reasons for opting for anything is security. Security something that everyone wants and is very essential to have. Before opting for the services, the first thing that will look for is security and compromising for security is a big deal. This is one of the reasons why we choose the options or office that serve the best. Similarly, one of the primary reasons for coinomi wallet is its security and the privileges it offers alongside. The platform is very secure and has a strong Cryptography and encryption process that make sure that all the funds kept inside are completely safe.
  • No more worries – Apart from security, there is one more option that makes you fall for the platform and that includes the issue that you come across when you lose your phone. This is one of the very common problems that we come across every day. For the same, the platform has made sure that no such difficulty comes your way in the future. For this, they provide every user with a very strong and long phrase that will become the backup of the wallet. So, in case, you lose your phone or it’s broke, you can easily have your account recovered. Also, if by any chance the phone gets stolen, the thief won’t be able to make any transactions as everything is password protected.

Coinomi Wallet: the states of the future!

A team of visionary developers has developed a blockchain ecosystem where users can create states and become the first digital citizen of the 21st century! The Pangea software stack represents a peer-to-peer opt-in jurisdiction plan where a citizen can conduct arbitration processes and foster fully fledged nations. Pangea is highly-resilient ensuring safety to any emergent technology threats like quantum cryptography. The ecosystem is currently reliant on the Ethereum blockchain to make use of the Smart Contracts feature but once fully matured, it will be entirely blockchain agnostic, and chains like EOS, Tezos or even Bitcoin could be integrated within Pangea.

The Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT)

Based on the popular ERC20 architecture the PAT token will reward the Pangea users for their reputation within the ecosystem, by accumulating non-tradeable reputation tokens for various tasks performed on the blockchain. Creating a contract, completing a task or a contract, resolving disputes correlated to other arrangements are just some of the functions that will be rewarded on the coinomi ecosystem. PAT employs an algorithmic deployment system that sources arbitration tokens based on performance rather than gamification methods like purchasing power, popularity or attention.

LUCY is a state-of-the-art autonomous system that will oversee the distribution mechanism of the PAT tokens to ensure an impartial and fair procedure towards all participants. Simply put, being a good citizen will directly be rewarded by the created nations on the Pangea blockchain.

The bigger picture

Coinomi envisions a global landscape and a global market for best practices and governance services. By creating a world of Voluntary Nations and States where Autonomous Communities compete for its citizens by providing an enticing array of opt-in governance services. By shifting the sovereign decisions from the current centralized state back to the citizen and thus reclaiming the freedom of choice in the act of accessing governance systems.

If the public users well receive the concept will have the ability to join whichever state they desire, whereas today if you’d like to change your residence or nation it usually results in a bureaucratic nightmare thanks to the current centralized model of governance.

Coinomi Fees

Everything comes with a price and so does this platform. However, there is always a bright side to things you want to opt for and the same goes for coinomi wallet.  With this, or being a part of this platform, you don’t actually have to pay a penny for doing any sort of transaction on the platform.

The only penny you might have to pay is when you conduct payments in the coming time. For the same, the platform might charge a very small amount for making the transaction. The platform and the makers claim that the money or the extra amount that is charged is not going in the company’s pocket but in the network that is behind it which is a pretty decent thing if you ask me.

Cryptos Available in Coinomi

As already mentioned earlier, the platform is a multiple crypto platform and thus can easily store more than 100 coins for the purpose. The platform and the wallet give access to more than 100 coins to users and one can store 100 or even more different digital assets in their coinomi wallet.

With some other Coinomi reviews we came to know that it also supports more than 500 assets on its interface.

And Coinomi is one of the best wallets because it supports the highest number of cryptocurrencies right now.

It makes sure to offer its support to the other running cryptos that are DASH, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. With the platform, there will be open opportunities for all and the transactions will be easier than they happened in the back time.

Coinomi Review: Its Features

Coinomi wallet Features

There are tons of features of the platform that will make one fall for it. There are a bunch of reasons that the platform provides one to conduct their peaceful trading and options. Some of the features of the platform to die for are called.

  • With the platform, you can make exchanges in a various manner. You can easily exchange your Ethereum or bitcoin for altcoins and this is what makes the platform one of the best to make exchanges. With the coinomi wallet, this becomes super easy and trouble-free. It integrates two platforms i.e. shapeshift and changelly with the help of which it offers the advantages.
  • The enhanced privacy by creating a world of Voluntary Nations and States where Autonomous Communities compete for its citizens by providing an enticing array of opt-in governance services. By shifting the sovereign decisions from the current centralized state back to the citizen and thus reclaiming the freedom of choice in the act of accessing governance systems. This is what makes it very useful and one of the primary options to rely on in the coming time.

Coinomi wallet review: Is Coinomi safe or not?

It has been four years now that coinomi is ruling the market and with time, it is sure to gain extremely accessible heights that will make it one of the best platforms in the digital place in the long run.

The trust of the community and the various security options are the aspects that make it the best platform to go for even in the coming time. This is what people actually look for and the best way to ensure the same is by understanding what is coming our way and the manner it is coming up in. It also secures the security keys of the users making it more secure for the people who are using it and for the people who are trying to be a part of it. With the help of this, the users get full control over their wallet and hence, can opt for the extra layer of security right there.

Wrapping up Coinomi review

Well, with so much being said about the platform, it becomes completely easy and hassles free for anyone who is being a part of the platform to opt for it and go along with it in the future. The future of the platform is very innovative and the scopes are surely high and this for time to tell and show the advantages and benefits that this platform has to offer.

If you still have any queries regarding the coinomi wallet review then do comment below and we will make sure you help you out as soon as possible.

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Coinomi wallet


privacy & Safety


Customer Support


Fast cryptocurrency exchange


Ease of Use





  • High level of security & privacy
  • Fast & Easy to use
  • Private keys stored on your drive only
  • Even if phone is stollen no one can access your account without password
  • With the use of Seed Phrase yu can migrate your wallet to another device


  • Not That good Customer Support
  • Can't but cryptos with Fiat.
  • It is not Open Source.
  • Only for Mobiles.

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