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Cindicator coin Review: CND Complete Guide

Cindicator coin is a hybrid cryptocurrency technology. Here at BlockchainBiome, we look at some of the features of Cindicator(CND) coin, how Cindicator came into existence, and the market value of CND. What is Cindicator coin? If these are the questions you have, then, this detailed Cindicator coin review will clear things up.

Cindicator takes a large number of trading analysts and machine learning models to create a Hybrid Intelligence model that manages assets. It aims to create a symbiosis of actual human intelligence and machine learning to create technology. Cindicator uses the collective knowledge of traders, investors, financial analysts and data scientists. They hope to provide analytics that can help in the management of assets. They also claim to enable the process of monetizing human intelligence through their technology.

Cindicator was formed in 2015 and the analytical tools they offer are exemplary. They have blended human intelligence and artificial intelligence to create an extremely fruitful set of analytical tools. However, these tools are only available to holders of Cindicator coin (CND).

Cindicator aims to create Hybrid Intelligence. Well, What does that mean?

cindicator coin review


Hybrid intelligence refers to the combination of machine intelligence and human intelligence. This interaction between human and machine intelligence is modeled into a technology that is used to solve challenges and problems. Human intelligence and machine intelligence are made to work hand in hand to create a superior form of intelligence. One form of intelligence supports and facilitates the other. This leads to the creation of an extremely powerful and efficient model. This leads to better decision-making and more accurate results. The complexity of the tasks that would otherwise not use this hybrid model is extremely high. The hybrid model drastically reduces complexity.

Cindicator has recognized the importance of incorporation of machine intelligence with everyday systems. They wish to achieve high accuracy in predicting the future. The prediction of elections is carried out by political analysts. Trade analysts try to predict future stocks and share prices. The company success is also predicted through predictive methods. Large corporations use technology to predict future technological trends. Businesses have long been using these predictive methods and have obtained some amount of success. Cindicator aims to take this success to the next level with futuristic technology.

You should also check what the CEO say’s here at Forbes.

Cindicator Review: Applications

cindicator coin review

Venture investments

Syndicates are a group of individuals that transact a specific business and have common interests in the development of the business. Investment venture deals are largely closed by these syndicates. Several investors take part in a single round of the deal concurrently. These deals that are closed by syndicates are referred to as syndicate deals. These deals involve associations amongst these investors who have common interests. These group deals are preferred since there is the usage of collective intelligence. In such syndicate deals, collective intelligence plays a huge part in ensuring that wrong decisions are not taken. The potential risks can be better understood as a result.

If you add the functionality of artificial intelligence to this collective intelligence of investors, you end up with a dream association that could very seldom go wrong. Machine intelligence can provide real-time data that is crucial for better decision making. The model can adapt to current market conditions and produce outcomes that are free from any emotional factor. Emotions can tend to cloud the logical decision making of these expert investors, but, with artificial intelligence, this can be negated.


The reduction of the emotional factor might not necessarily be beneficial in all fields. But, this reduction in emotional factor can certainly be groundbreaking in fields such as science. Biotechnology can be substantially improved through Cindicator’s technology. Integration of human intelligence from scientists and machine intelligence can be revolutionary. One such integration took place when researchers took part in molecular docking to predict the structure of an element. In this process, people with different degrees of knowledge would take part in the binding of the molecule. The data is crowdsourced, and virtual screening is carried out. Virtual screening is a machine learning technique. The synergy between these two forms of intelligence provided a great result.

The answer generated as a result of group collaboration is generally more accurate. With the accuracy of machine intelligence incorporated with group collaboration, the answers generated would be nearly flawless.

Businesses and Corporations

Cindicator’s technology could revolutionize how businesses function. Large multinational corporations are already using collective intelligence for developing corporate management technologies. A lot of companies aim to combine crowdsourcing and technology to form a potent amalgamation.

The top management collects proposals and insights from various employees on a daily basis and generates methodologies based on the collective information. The information is gathered from sales managers, developers, and accountants. This requires an amalgamation of different and separate kinds of data. This enables future forecasting. Using machine intelligence with all the data available to them would make the forecasting more effective.


This collaborative intelligence technology can be used in politics too. This technology can be used to predict the results of elections. Certain presidential election predictions through technology have proven to be much more accurate than predictions of any analyst or company.

Symbiotic Network

Cindicator coin has made clear its long-term aims of building an infrastructure that enables the management of resources in the best way possible. All the intellectual assets can be brought together into a cohesive unit that functions to the requirements of the organization.

The alliance or merging of intelligence allows everyone to maintain a consensus. The consensus will be highly synchronized, and all forces can be united to obtain the required objective.

These ideological principles can be realized only if there is a free exchange of ideas, knowledge, information, experience, and resources.

Origin of Cindicator and the team

The Cindicator team consists of like-minded individuals comprising of entrepreneurs, mathematicians, analysts, and traders. Cindicator began in 2015. The experience they have has been crucial in the development of Cindicator. Through their efforts, they have been able to create a decentralized network with an economy of token holders. In September 2017, Cindicator held a token sale that was fairly successful. This sale was carried out through what is known as White List methodology. The success saw many companies incorporating the methodology.

The token sale attracted over $500 million. This was in the form of applications from token holders. The hard cap of Cindicator coin was set at $15 million to ensure quality. There was a clear preference of quality over quantity which has held the organization in good stead.

The core of their future networked ecosystem consists of 4,507 actively participating individuals. These 4,507 individuals include intelligent developers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, traders, and analysts. The selection was based on the value the token holders can add to create an ecosystem that is as powerful as possible. The ecosystem has since then evolved into a rapidly growing network.

Companies with Cindicator Coin

Hybrid Intelligence has acquired a unique body of experience, resources, and connections that enable the growth of the Symbiotic Network. The network aims to be fully independent, self-reliant and full-fledged.

Cindicator already has three companies on board. These companies have joined the highly promising Symbiotic Network. The three companies are:

  • Svandis
  • Blue Frontiers
  • SLP


Svandis is a data hub that serves as a platform for crypto market enthusiasts. It enables financial research. There is a wide range of tools available for the crypto community to use and carry out research.

Blue Frontiers

This company invests in seasteading and builds floating islands. They use governing frameworks for building permanent settlements on islands. They create these beautiful islands in French Polynesia.


SLP is a decentralized platform for loyalty programs. They have a blockchain enabled bonus points exchange.

Cindicator coin (CDN) and motivation

Cindicator has created a multidimensional system of motivating the participants in the system. The participants of the system get points based on the accuracy of the answers that they provide. Their answers contribute to collective intelligence. The more points they obtain, the more rewards that they can obtain. These rewards are with Ether and they aim to also implement the rewards with CND tokens.

The other obvious form of motivation is the challenge itself. The participants have to come up with the answers. Cindicator aims to improve the user experience. Participants are also motivated by the opportunity to gain knowledge, education and skills in the area.

The other motivation is the feeling of being able to identify themselves as being a part of the team. Their participation makes a significant impact on the wealth they gain.

How to buy Cindicator coin?

Cindicator coin can be brought through currency exchanges such as HitBTC and Binance. It, however, can only be bought through other cryptocurrencies and cannot be bought using fiat currencies.


Binance is a Chinese based currency exchange. Binance was formed as a result of a successful initial coin offering (ICO) and has been fairly successful as an exchange platform. Binance can be used as an application or can be accessed through the browser. It is fairly convenient to use. It provides support for multiple languages. However, it does not support trades through fiat currencies and Cindicator coin would have to be traded with another cryptocurrency if you wish to trade with Binance. This should not be a problem since Cindicator coin cannot be bought with fiat currencies in the first place.

The pleasing aspect of Binance is that it offers two separate views for carrying out trading. The Casual view is for casual traders such as beginners aiming to experiment with Cindicator coin. The Pro view is for professional traders who possess a considerable amount of knowledge on trading. Binance also provides several utilities such as trading tools, charts, and security features, making the process of trading Cindicator coin much easier.

All you would have to do to get started with Binance is to create an account. For higher withdrawal limits, you would be required to verify your account. The transaction fees on Binance is a meager 0.1%, which, is not too bad. Binance can even handle up to 1.4 million transactions concurrently. It does not have any withdrawal limits either. Binance is a suitable and convenient exchange to buy Cindicator.


HitBTC was started in 2013. HitBTC has no fee for currency deposit or withdrawal. It is one of the more renowned cryptocurrency exchanges going around. HitBTC is based on a maker-taker model. In this model, the makers are not charged any fee while takers are charged a meager 0.1% transaction fee. The maker actually gets a 0.01% rebate. A rebate is a reward that the maker gets for promoting liquidity.

HitBTC lists over 300 currencies and is fairly easy to use. There have been complaints about the legitimacy of HitBTC, but the fact that it is one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies seems to suggest that it is safe to use. Its rebate model encourages trading and it could prove to be a great platform to trade Cindicator coin (CDN).

CND coin price

CND coin is ERC20 compliant and has seen steadied growth. There is a lot of positivity with respect to the direction in which CND coin is heading. CND is worth investing for sure.

Here are some statistics on Cindicator coin (CND) that can help you:

CND market cap$0.009645 USD
Circulating supply1,445,976,590 CND
Total supply2,000,000,005 CND

Cindicator Coin news

Cindicator coin reddit page has seen a decent amount of activity and there have been largely positive responses. Many users on reddit believe that it is the future of cryptocurrency. Cindicator coin has been in the news for its growth in the market as well. It has seen a steady rise in its market value.

Wrapping up Cindicator coin Review

Cindicator coin has seen largely positive responses and has been well received. The incorporation of machine intelligence with human intelligence could prove to be ground-breaking. It could soon be adopted by several corporations and businesses.

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