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BTCTurk : Beginners Guide to BTCTurk Exchange

BTCTurk is one of the most searched bitcoin exchange mostly in Turkey. So if you have decided to read all about BTCTurk exchange then you are at the perfect place because today here at BlockchainBiome we are going to share an in-depth guide about BTCTurk review.

How much do we really know about what is going around in the world?

Not much surprisingly!

The whole situation is more like, why should we care about what is really going on and what not.

But to have an idea on the day to day happenings is excellent. Isn’t it?

First, let us put some torchlight on the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. The blockchain technology is something we don’t really know very much about. Since the start, all the stories related to this have not helped us in growing our knowledge related to the content. For the whole story growing so immensely, we are often left out with all the experience. We don’t really tend to understand all of it. That is not justice, is it?

So, let’s know and brighten our knowledge about BTCTurk exchange.


What is BTCTurk?

BTCTurk is nothing but a multiple tier system that aims at offering discounts for the different trading options. The whole thing entirely depends on the total amount of trading that has been done for more than 30 days.

Why BTCTurk?

So, from the name, BTCTurk, it is quite evident that the crypto is primarily used from Turkey and is a Turkish crypto exchange. With this, trading in different aspects like BTC, ETH, and many more becomes entirely feasible and comfortable.

The BTCTurk exchange was launched in July and in the year 2013. There have been many issues regarding the same ever since. Hence, the operations were finally terminated in turkey after the general and local banks shut down their primary accounts in turkey. Now, this was definitely something the various banks were not looking for and for some reasons, the abrupt decision brought down more substantial impact on what was about to follow in the coming days. Major institutions that were dealing with various sorts of finances came down to nothing. The whole thing was bizarre. They were lastly seen in the phase of developing when it was in Australia. It was not a long time when the finest and the most leading banks like Commonwealth left no scopes in turning down their financial business when it came to matters of bitcoin exchange. And when it comes to Bitcoin’s legality around the world, only a few countries allow the bitcoins or altcoins as currencies.

The Big Choices!

Since the collaboration that was happening since 2013, there have been some significant speculations ever since. The local banks and the other following made sure to put forward any sort of assistance related to finances or to lend any kind of help to BTCTurk. This was a significant turndown, and the consequences were sure not pretty up.

Media companies like Daily Sabah, took the initiative in Turkey, stated the fact that for companies like BTCTurk that are more on the practical end, it is impossible for them to look ahead to create any sort of bank accounts when it comes to that. To support this sort of operations, it becomes complicated and unsupportive. This left BTCTurk with no other primary choice to make a pick from. It, thus, made sure to shut down their growth in the financial world and pull themselves out entirely from the Turkish zone.

So, finally, it became challenging to look for a bank that wanted to work with BTCTurk, and it was almost impossible to get in any bank who would agree to the terms and conditions of being by their side.

BTCTurk Advantages

Reasonable Commission

When it comes to the BTCTurk trading fees, it is brilliant and very cheap. This is more attractive and wholly affordable and a fair deal.

Accepts Fiat

When it comes to fiat currencies, we all know how big of an issue that it. Today, most of the original problems narrow down to specifications, and nobody really knows the concept of fiat. This is probably one of the reasons why no one likes accepting fiat. Fiat currencies are much of trouble, but with BTCTurk, the problem goes down for once all.

BTCTurk provides the privilege and open options to purchase and even sell all sorts of cryptos for various fiat. This is something that clients are looking for today and this, my friend, is no less than a good deal.

Low Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

When it comes to most of the exchanges that are made every day, BTCTurk makes sure to charge fees that are pretty much used only for making withdrawals and making deposits on the heavier side. This all narrows down to just one thing, and that is to withdraw and sell of fiat currencies in some way or the other so that making withdrawals of cryptocurrencies becomes very easy and can happen in a more straightforward manner.

When it comes to the charges, the fees that one has to pay for making instant fiat deposits or to conduct any sort of withdrawals, there is a total of 1%+- taxes and VAT that one might not need to pay. This will be more than 13 Million, and that is more than TRY50. Making a depositing using a bank is completely free, and the withdrawal TRY 3. Also, making the deposits of cryptocurrencies are exclusively free and with this, the different withdrawals made will be decided on the basis of the coins.

Own Mobile Application

BTCTurk exchange runs one functional mobile application for Android as well as iOS. With the help of the form and the clients can use the perspective using the market adventures. There are all the details about buying and selling different sort of orders. Therefore, the idea is to deposit and make sure that the withdrawal of funds is formed in a manner that helps with the funds. There are different ways to view all sort of account balance and make sure to receive different price notifications and receive them to gather the best traffic in the outcome.

All sort of Orders

BTCTurk will make sure to provide the clients with all kind of options and different types of scopes to gather all information related to the orders placed. This will be more than just buying and selling off things and rules. This is going to be a lot more than that.

The different orders include stopping order, limiting law, and marketing the orders as well. So, for all the different cryptos looking to offer only stop trading, this can be a pretty good investment in that matter. Also, a case like this is sporadic and making exchanges in such cases are very unlikely.

Extremely Good Platform

Talking explicitly of charts and stakes, the BTCTurk platform makes sure to offer the best maps when it comes prices. This can be related to Trading View and analysis. Also, there are many different charting options and tools. The additional benefit will include using a chart for depth and a book for making orders.

Good and Healthy Security

BTCTurk has made sure to follow the two-factor authentication that will be used up as a default. Apart from that, the additional call is 95% that will make the total amount of funds in multiple signatures that will use different cold storage options and has made sure to provide the backups in a distributed manner that will contribute to the effectiveness.

One thing to make a notice of is, the image security display image for BTCTurk, it will show off a small little bunny which is rather cute.

Listing the BTCTurk Exchange Disadvantages

Few Coins

When it comes to cryptocurrencies and making an offer, there are chances that there will be a limited section of it. However, one thing to notice about the same is that these coins are very popular and have to use for a rather good time and knowledge.

The requirements for making deposits and withdrawals

The platform of exchange makes sure to offer the exchange process that will help in conducting the minimum amount of deposits as well as withdrawal limit. This will primarily happen using fiat currencies, and the transfer will take place with the help of bank accounts. Talking of the instances of bounds, it has been set up to TRY 10, and a minimum transfer of this amount has to be made in order to conduct the deposits and withdrawals in any phase.

No use of credit cards and PayPal

The most significant disadvantage that BTCTurk has to offer is that it will not accept any sort of credit or debit cards when it comes to making transfers. Also, no cash deposits either are supported by them. This is what makes the use of these credit options a little awkward and heavy.

No Anonymity

In the BTCTurk exchange platform, there is no scope for making transfers anonymously. It says a strict “NO” when it comes to anonymous trading. Also, while making any sort of assignments the platform needs the associated clients to make all kind of proofs ready, that proves their identification. This includes their identity document, identity selfie, and their proof of address as well. With the verified reports only making transfers are possible otherwise it is the other way around and if not acceptable, the clients might have to look for other option rather than BTCTurk.

No Chances of Leverage in BTCTurk

The BTCTurk platform has lots of rules that it follows strictly, and one such state is that it doesn’t provide options for making leverage and do trading on the platform. This happens in most of the crypto exchanges when it comes to making advantages and trading. Having said that today there are many top forexes regulatory that are not only reputed but have incredibly high requirements and serve as brokers. They are ready to make any step to offer different sorts of CFDs when it comes to making cryptocurrencies exchanges in different platforms that are very popular and end up at providing terms of advantages. Also, to make sure that all the trading are done within the margin.

No sort of Regulation

When it comes to regulations, BTCTurk does not ends up following any kind of rules. As for the current demands of the situation, there is no requirement for one to have any sort of regulation. This is much better than investing in any other crypto in any grey areas.

Talking of the time when the other Bitcoin start-ups struggled to show their optimism towards what was wrong and what was right, there was BTCTurk, the most talked about the market of crypto that, somewhere down the line lost one of the primary and strongest competitions when it came to any. However, looking at the addresses and the services that the platform has been providing, there has been a lot of struggle lately to be better than the other digital marketing firms looking to offer their benefits.

BTCTurk Conclusion

When it comes to offering different variations of trading options, BTCTurk makes sure to be on the top by providing lists of advantages from the start. Also, BTCTurk is one of the most excellent crypto exchange firms that Turkey has put forward in the battle to look for the struggle. The advantages that it offers on the platter includes low and very minimum fees and security that is remarkably better.

Nevertheless, the business and strategies of the brand had continued to grow and have also met the crypto exchanges when it came to maintaining the high standards. Sadly enough, the rumors are keeping it down, and things are going down strangely a bit.

Some of the reviews made sure to mention the fact that included discussions about BTC that it makes sure to provide excellent and compelling services that help in the long run association. Overall, the BTCTurk impact sounds pretty much better as of now. Speaking of the further plans of opening such exchanges back in turkey, this is undoubtedly a questionable decision as of now.

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