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BNB Coin Review – The Future Hope of Cryptocurrency

BNB Coin is no doubt one of the most searched exchange token of 2018. In the event that I have to portray it in one line then it is basically an ERC20 token for Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Today here at BlockchainBiome I’m going to share a complete BNB coin review with you which will clear all your questions like what is BNB coin, BNB coin burn, price etc.

As along with other changes, money too is becoming revolutionized. The financial market is expanding and accepting changes. The new, popular and digitalized form of payment is cryptocurrency. It is a digital asset designed to work as a medium for trading. It uses strong cryptographic codes to secure all the financial business. In simpler terms, it is a digital or virtual currency. It is no longer a hidden fact that cryptocurrency is taking over every industry.

This industry has grown aggressively over the years as more and more people are opting for cryptocurrency as an alternative currency. Currently, more than 860 cryptos have been listed on Coin Market Capitalization, with a cumulative market capitalization of $145 billion. As already mentioned there are many different types of cryptocurrencies. Just to give an idea, as known till 10th of April 2018, there have been recorded 1565 cryptocurrencies and this market is still increasing rapidly.

So, how is BNB Coin different from the other cryptocurrencies? Let us first get introduced and know a bit more about BNB (Binance Coin).

BNB is a global, multi-language cryptocurrency network. This company was set up in China in the year 2017. However, now it has shifted its headquarters to Hong Kong, Japan. It was established by Champing Zhao, a Chinese-Canadian business executive. Just within months of its launching, it rose itself mammoth to the top 30 cryptocurrencies in the world in terms of digital market capital. It has turned out to be so alluring that investors and traders have started using the exchange platform on a day to day level.

We all are well aware of the fact that Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to come into existence. We are all even aware of the inflated price of Bitcoin. How come then Finance gain popularity in spite of Bitcoin?

The one thing that appeals the users is its 1.4 million dealings per second capability. This feature has gathered 6 million users thus making it the world’s largest crypto exchange platform. This processing rate is due to Finance’s proprietary trading engine. This advanced engine makes Finance unique. The other exchanges have yet not been able to reach anywhere even near it.

What is BNB Coin?

BNB Coin

Finance also stands incomparable from the other exchanges due to its fluidity and cheap exchange fees. At the time when it was written, a Finance coin was worth $14,010. As known by reliable sources, interests of about 2757% were made just in the second quarter as compared to the initial three months.

The main motive behind this BNB Coin token is to make it simpler and cost-effective for traders and investors on the Finance exchange to pay the transaction fees. When a person begins using the BNB coin to pay for trading, listing, withdrawal and many other related fees, he/she can enjoy a massive discount initially. This platform offers its traders a 50% discount on trading fees if they use this exchange for at least a year. The next year the users receive an offer of 25% followed by another exemption of 12.5%. This lasts up to four years. In the final year, they are given a concession of 6.25%. However, from the fifth year onwards no discount is provided. This hardly affects its users because they enjoy the present benefit hardly thinking of what the future beholds. Also, by the end of the fourth year, the convenience of paying fees with BNB coin remains.

To get the discount all one has to do is to buy Binance coins from BNB exchange and keep the tokens in his/her exchange wallet. The discount will automatically be applied. It also has a feature where BNB Coin uses the balance in the wallet to pay fees. This feature can, however, be turned off as well.

Uses of BNB Coin

BNB is an ERC-20 token. This implies that one can also withdraw it from Ethereum wallet or Hardware wallets such as a Trezor or ledger.

Some of the main appealing features of the Binance coin that makes it so prominent are:

  • Security- This feature is one of the main reasons why users get tempted by this cryptocurrency. Binance has a very high system of authenticity and trustworthiness. All operations can be done without any nerve-racking irritation.
  • Stability- BNB coins have outdone at 200 million. The team does not plan to add any more coins instead they intend to reduce it by 50% to 100 million. This is done to make sure that the BNB coin does not lose its value drastically. Binance makes sure that it holds the most valuation. It purchases the coins from the traders and burns them.20% of the profit is spent on buying back the coins to burn them.
  • Support of multiple cryptocurrencies- Traders and investors use the BNB tokens to conduct transactions by almost all the cryptos in the world’s no longer matters the coin one has, making it a lot more stress-free and easier.

Binance’s perspective that “centralized and decentralized exchanges will co-exist in the near future, complementing each other” influenced them to announce that it is developing officially a public blockchain for the creation of a new decentralized exchange. A decentralized exchange differs from a centralized one in a few ways. The most important feature to differentiates the two is that the decentralized exchange does not involve/rely on a third party to hold customer’s financial assets.

Although this debate of whether cryptocurrency is the near future or not will keep continuing, Binance is a good choice of the alternative coin. If someone is willing to play the odds, the stability and low trading fees found on Finance are definitely unrivaled upon. One may find the risk worth taking.

BNB Coin Software

If you are new to this whole mining process, or you want to start out slowly, the best thing to do is to join a pool and measure the results. As a result, the payment will be more frequent, and you can earn as you start to learn about BNB mining.

A BNB software runs effectively on the right type of BNB hardware. Say one uses an Antminer L3+ for conducting a mining operation, the software has to compliment the hardware. Most of the mining hardware come with an in-house setup installation manual that can be used to easily start a mining process.

A popular type of hardware that is used is Antminer L3+ that comes with the main hardware controller which needs to be pressed against an IP reporter for 5 seconds. It then displays an IP address on the screen and on entering the BitMain website one can simply get started.

Other types of BNB Coin software that can be installed on your basic computers to start mining include:

Cgminer: This BNB software was initially designed for bitcoin mining but it can be actively used for BNB mining with support from a well-maintained CPU or GPU.

Cpuminer: This BNB Coin software is also multiple cryptocurrency mining software that is easily available and supports both CPU and GPU hardware.

CUDAminer: This software is designed for a number of cryptocurrency mining activities but is formally used for BNB mining.

Types of BNB Mining

BNB mining is a complex process and is a part of a bigger market system interconnected with all the stock exchange and money regulation authorities. There are two types of mining option for an individual to reap the rewards of the BNB mining process, one can either practices solo mining process or be a part of a bigger mining pool. Working alone is beneficial in terms of not sharing the rewards and harvesting all the gains alone. It simply requires a hardware, an internet, and electricity connection, an installation of supporting software and a BNB wallet to maintain and regulate the transactions.

On the other hand, a mining pool requires miners to be a part of the larger group of miners. A mining pool is the most beneficial option for new miners and ones that are learning the art of BNB mining. Under a mining pool, the resources of the miners are combined and blockchains are discovered at a faster rate. This further decreases the mining difficult for a new miner and helps in easy growth. The rewards are also paid and split under a mining pool into proportionate terms since the block discoveries are frequent as compared to individual block discoveries that can happen once a year. The benefits of the mining pool are learning and growth and shared resources.

The two types of mining pool are:

Learning anything comes down to one basic principle- excellence is achieved by the mastery of fundamentals. When it comes to human health genome are the fundamentals we are talking about. Familiar with genes from your high school biology class? You would probably remember those classes you came to the surprising revelation on how you are the sum of your parent’s characteristic features. The reason nose like your mother and hair like your father!

A genome is simply a complete set of those genes. The biological code you are made up of. Now when we talk about the code you might get an image of those computer green colored commands on a dark screen and you might think so we are a program made up of genes. Then let me tell you, yes you are! What’s more is that just like a small change computer code can change its functionality, any alteration in our genome can have unforeseen results.

The proportionate mining pool: Under a proportionate mining pool, all the miners work on a single block and the reward for the block is distributed proportionally in terms of all the shares contributed by each miner. Though the system is a traditional system, yet the rewards are limited to the contribution made. Bnb a global brand with the objective to revolutionize healthcare by its integration with genomics using the blockchain technology.

They have created a platform where anyone can contribute by sharing their genome sequence and DNA to be used for research and development of medical breakthrough solutions through utilization of the information pool created. The genomic ecosystem created will provide a marketplace to industries like pharmaceuticals and drug enabling the formulation so genetic-trait specific products as well as personalized services.

The pay per share mining pool: Under the pay per share mining pool system, the miner is paid on the basis of how many blocks the miner actually finds in relation to the blocks discovered by the miner. An estimate of how many blocks the pool can find is also calculated and the miner is paid accordingly.

The miner is paid a fixed number of Bnbs according to the mathematical laws of probability. The benefit of pay per share mining pool is a regular steady stream of rewards without the requirement to discover blocks on the real-time basis.

For a new miner a pool is considered as a feasible option but for a trained miner, the individual system is a better option since it provides for more rewards.

Wrapping up BNB Coin Review

Overall, the BNB Coin platform has a lot of scopes in the future and this is what will help in the coming time. The whole world is a place to play and so is the global crypto world where it is a lot easier to play than the usual. As a result of that, the outcomes become a little certain and this is how we can enjoy the growth and mechanism in the coming time. Overall, the platform leaves a positive remark and the time is the witness of what is coming up in the future for the people to extract the benefit from it

If you like this BNB Coin Review then do share it with your friends and let them know about it as soon as possible. And if you still have any doubts regarding BNB Coin burn then comment below, I’ll try to help you ASAP.

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