best bitcoin wallets 2018

10 Best Bitcoin Wallets 2019 (Store Your Bitcoin Safely)

Bitcoin Wallets are one of the are most looked terms on the digital currency world, and the reason is quite self-evident, who doesn’t want a protected wallet for their coins. So today here at BlockchainBiome we will share 10 best Bitcoin Wallets of 2018 which you can begin utilizing at the present time.

Now that you are here, this surely means you are looking forward to putting up your investment in the crypto world. Well, why not? Isn’t it one of the best places to make your investment? It might not sound strange if I mention about the advancements that Ethereum and Bitcoin have led forward to. By far, they are hands down the most well-known and widely used investment product running on the market.

Before knowing about the Best Bitcoin Wallets, it is time to know about the cryptos that are ruling the market. It Is important to know about the cryptos first before as they are the ones that we will be putting in inside our wallets, right? So, here is all the present cryptos that are ruling the crypto market right now and is ready to fit in your bitcoin wallet right away and without any inconvenience.

Best Bitcoin Wallets 2018

There has been a lot of ups and down observed lately in the crypto world. This is a new year that brings along plenty of new opportunities for the world. Here I present to you the best cryptocurrencies that have made its impact on the global market for the longest time now.

Time to introduce the famous – Bitcoin (BTC)

Nothing could prove itself better than Bitcoin when we chart down the list of best cryptocurrencies. No wonder it had a roller coaster ride throughout the year, but it made sure to remain on the top of the list and prove it to be the most expensive crypto that was ever seen.

Bitcoin has made sure to grab most of the attention so far and continues to do so for the world to see it ever attaining heights.

The number two is nevertheless – Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum left no stones unturned to make an increase in its value in the last year. It started off with less than $1K and got an increased value of 9000%.

Talking of the market cap, it is amongst the 3rd largest and has made a total of 100.6 Billion so far. Not bad, is it?

Here is the number three – Blocktix (BTX)

Built on Ethereum, this currency sure found its way and is known for being the best cryptocurrencies so far.  The market cap of Blocktix has ranged up to $7 million. This is not bad if we relate it to the other target markets.

It defiantly doesn’t look out for success and just aims to expand its reach. The project’s plan is credible and it looks forward to making its reach outside of the crypto community. That calls for the fact that it will ultimately find its own buyer.

Let’s welcome – Monero

You must have heard the phrase – “prepare for the worst”? Well, in case you have then you can assure yourself that even if it lags down to the worst-case scenario, there will be a minimum of 90 USD to back out at the earliest. Out of which you will need just 100 back out to buy your favourite Monero

To discuss the market cap, the total cost of it is assumed to be at $6 Billion. However, Monero has bigger demands and costs somewhere around $300. Well, getting your hands on these won’t hurt you a lot and you can surely mend out ways to go ahead.

Litecoin makes the entry

This is not only one of the best cryptocurrencies that were introduced but is also holds the third most successful position in the present year.

As for now, the cost of one litecoin would lie somewhere around $250. Not at a bad deal at all. That is the reason for it to be on the investors pick list for quite a time now. The market reach for Litecoin is pretty decent too making it over $13.2 Billion. This sure is going to draw some dollars right in your pocket.

Here we present the best cryptocurrencies that have proven themselves as the evergreen wonders of the crypto market. Time to make a choice.

Now, enough of the crypto story. Time to shift the focus on the next thing and that is the best wallets ruling the market right now. Let’s roll on, shall we?

If you are someone who is looking to send off or receive any sort of bitcoin payment, then it is quite important for you to have a Bitcoin Wallet in the first place. Therefore, in such a case, there comes the need for creating and downloading or making your very own bitcoin wallets.

Here is the list,

10 Best Bitcoin Wallets 2018

Copay – Top Bitcoin Wallet

Best bitcoin wallets 2018

It is a universal wallet and is one of the most widely used bitcoin wallets of all time. It is a wallet proposed by Bitpay and is flexible with IOS, Windows, as well as Android devices. It is quite easy for one to use the same wallet or the same account for more than one device.

Copay wallet is a very simple, clean, and useful wallet with a perfect interface for users to run through it. If you are a new bitcoin user, then this is a very good option for you. It also comes with a “shared feature” that helps the different business accounts to work on simultaneously. This feature needs the different users to sign up for the different amount of time they are needed too. The type of bitcoin wallet, in this case, doesn’t really matters and the options are really lots for one to pick from.

Ledger Nano – Bitcoin hardware wallet

Best bitcoin wallets 2018

This is a type of a bitcoin hardware wallet. Hardware wallets are mostly known for their size and their scale. They are more like small computers or cards. Ledger Nano is a hardware wallet that is totally based on a smart card. The different private keys can be used off to make transactions as per the user’s requirement and ease.

The nano is more like a setup that is initiated by the platform itself to help it function in a global manner. So, once you have decided to build up your wallet in the platform, you will have to go through a series of process about which the explanation will be given off in the brochure. There will be a random seed of 24 words that will be generated by setting it up and backing up the whole thing. So, it is important to note it down on a piece of paper for proper process of backing it up.


Best bitcoin wallets 2018

It is also a type of bitcoin hardware wallet that is derived from the different versions of ledger nano. It is a very small computer and offers a smart card for the whole process to function accordingly. After successful setup, Trezor also creates a seed word that is of 24 lengths.

It comes with its very own built-in screen. With the built-in screen, there is no issue of writing down the code in the paper as it is very easily displayed in the screen and all that is required is to save it for backup purpose in the later time. It is an offline device and aims at offering various high-level security to the people who are looking forward to being a part of it.


Best bitcoin wallets 2018

This can be called off with different names. This is known for being the first bitcoin bearer bond and also has another name which is called as Bitcoin stick. It is similar to the USB devices that we use and is a small USB stick that will offer privileges like spending a dollar bill in the form of bitcoin which is a very easy thing to do. All that one is needed to do is pass it along several times to be a part of it.

It acts like a USB flash drive that is capable of providing endless options.


Best bitcoin wallets 2018

So, if you are looking for one of the best bitcoin wallets that you can use every day, then this wallet is just the one for you. It is a great wallet that you can use everyday purpose. It comes with a fold integration that provides endless options for usage. The good thing about this bitcoin wallet is that it offers a discount of 20% if you use it in Starbucks. After all, we all love Starbucks, don’t we?

It takes care of users account by taking a note of their usernames and passwords to help them with the transaction process. It will not have any sort of access to the funds of the users. Creating an account is a very easy and hassle-free process.

Armory – A Desktop bitcoin wallet

Best bitcoin wallets 2018

Time to peek into some of the best desktop bitcoin wallets that provides convenient options to be used from even from your desktop.

It is known for being one of the most secure and simple bitcoin wallets that are capable of offering all sort of features to the users. However, there can be an intimidation for the users. It does not really matter if you are a student who is looking to store $100 or a business firm looking to store $100,00,000. The platform offers all sorts of convenience and security to anyone who is wishing to use it.

Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core is known as the official bitcoin wallet or coin amongst all the other desktop bitcoin wallets. However, the sad part is, it isn’t used by many because of the speed issues it has. Also, in addition to that, it lacks a lot of important and useful features. It is a full node platform that helps in offering all sort of transaction to the users and options coming along with it as well.

It ensures that all the different transactions that are made in the platform are clearly looked through and verified.


Best bitcoin wallets 2018

It is one of the most preferable and wanted and popular bitcoin wallets amongst all the other desktop bitcoin wallets. This is because of the fact that how easy it is for one to use and the supersonic speed it has to offer to the users. It is more or less like a cold storage option that will help in offering an extra computer option if needed.

It provides plenty of features to the users that include making simple and easy connections with others using Tor. It also allows proper functioning through other wires that are safe and easy to use.

Breadwallet – A Bitcoin wallet for iPhone

Best bitcoin wallets 2018

This was considered one of the popular bitcoin wallets for iPhone. The good thing is, today, it is also available for Android users who are willing to use it in no time and don’t like waiting up for long time. In order to run this, it is important for one to have an Android version which successfully runs on version 6.0 and more than that. The app is very simple to use and provides endless options to the users to be a part of.

So, if you are a new user looking forward to making an investment in the form of bitcoin, then this is just the one for you.


Best bitcoin wallets 2018

Most of the bitcoin wallet users who are experienced have this option as one of the most acceptable and usable forms. This is their go-to option and most of the bitcoin users go for Mycelium to continue with their bitcoin experiences. More so, it is an HD bitcoin wallet that is ready to offer several advanced options. It also provides flexible support to wallets like Trezor and Ledger Nano which sure is a good thing.

According to Wikipedia, this wallet has been one of the most widely used and accepted forms of bitcoin wallet in the coming time and this is probably one of the reasons behind its popularity.

Wrapping up Best Bitcoin Wallets 2018

That was all the details that you needed about the 10 best bitcoin wallets 2018 and don’t forget to check out the options that will provide the best bitcoin wallet exchange experience to the one using it. So, if you are looking ahead to have a bitcoin experience in the field, why not have one with these bitcoin wallets and the bunch of cryptos that we just discussed?

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